Liege Vafel recipe

Does anyone have a replica Vafel recipe for their liege waffels?

I can google vegan belgian waffle recipes but they all seem to have some almond milk or coconut milk.

Keep in mind that Liege waffles are not the same as Belgian waffles. Belgian waffles use a batter while liege waffles are a dough. You could use a recipe similar to this but sub out some ingredients:

It looks like Vafels use palm oil instead of butter and flax seed (likely ground) instead of eggs. You could also use ground chia seeds instead of eggs and crisco or some other vegetable fat instead of palm oil (which is hard to find in the grocery store). You also don’t necessarily need pearl sugar (can use coarse/large granulated sugar) but it would help with that crunch that you get with liege waffles.


I don’t believe there’s anything special about milk really. You can make pancakes and waffles with water, but the taste just isn’t as good because of the lack of fat and maybe a few other properties. I’d try that but you’ll have to play around with how close to 1:1 you substitute it with and maybe add some cooking oil into the batter.

PS I wrote this 10mins after you posted and didnt see the comment above re belgian vs liege, so I have no expertise of doughs, and this near useless advice is now completely redundant.
The poster above is very useful.

I totally understand your quest for a vegan Liege Vafel recipe. It can be a bit challenging to find one without almond or coconut milk. However, there are often alternative options that might work for you, like oat milk or soy milk.

While you’re on the hunt for the perfect Liege Vafel recipe, have you ever considered pairing them with a Homemade Yum Yum Sauce Recipe? It’s a versatile condiment that can add a delightful twist to various dishes, including your Vafels.

Wishing you luck in your culinary adventures, and I hope you find the perfect vegan Liege Vafel recipe that suits your taste!