Leige waffles by eggo?

Anyone try these?

Seem like they may be pretty good food for long rides. Real ingredients , individual packaged, and maybe less expensive than “real” energy waffles.


That is a good find…only downside I see is having to wait for them to thaw. May also be a bit large for a jersey pocket if you want to carry multiple ones.

May see if I can find them locally and give it shot.

If these taste good, my life just got a lot easier! I make Leige Waffles for long rides and waiting for the dough to rise and the sugar getting glued to my waffle iron can be a headache. But they taste amazing!

When I eat these preride, I just nuke them for 10 seconds. When I use them for on the ride, they stay frozen in a zip lock bag in my jersey pocket. I would venture to guess they thaw pretty quickly because whenever I dig into it, it is thawed. Probably a combination of my body heat and the Missouri heat and humidity.


Just saw the first commercial for these.

Does anyone know a different brand that makes something similar?

We got a package at a Safeway in Alberta, and they were amazing. But I don’t remember the brand or have any idea of how to source them locally. Checked the locally grocery stores and no luck. I think the packaging was reddish, and there were 8/container.

Edit: Oakrun Farm Bakery Belgian Waffles (Original) https://a.co/d/3fDIPVo

I think I may have found them. $$$ though