Let’s see some Tri/TT rigs

Nope…mandatory 5 point deduction and you must carry the shame of this picture with you until a new pic is posted.

Sorry, I don’t make the rules…:rofl:


Maybe a stupid question, but you mentioned you used 54t with that drivetrain? I’ve never seen that chainring option - can you share what you use? Am I just not finding them because they’re out of stock?

So, I am using a SRAM AXS drive train, so the 54T is closer to a 58T (57. Something) on an 11s.
This is the one I am using ( and they make 54T for both 11 and 12s):

Came across a really good deal on some zipps and could not pass up. Looking forward to getting out on a race course.


On another note, how do you like your garage weight system? I’ve seen it 1x in a store and was very interested!

I’ve only had it for 3-4 four months now but I’m very satisfied with it. I previously had a stand up rack that I had to move in/out of a nook within my garage along with all the weights but eventually found myself not getting much use due to the inconvenience of setup. This is ready to go within seconds.

I had seen similar systems but never gave it much thought until my friend built a similar setup. It’s pricey but definitely worth it.

Here’s a post with a pic of the full setup.

This is the newish rig on a 200km ride which ended up getting cut short. Raised the front end 20mm for this ride

Still waiting on my deep wheels :pensive:


what extensions are those? The hand position looks like an electronic set up but the rear mech looks mechanical… is it possible to learn this power? :face_with_monocle:

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Looks like mechanical 1x to me (is that an aero chain ring on the front?) and on Shimano I think the lever points down when you’re in the smaller cogs, so is inside his right hand. Am I right, Jezza?

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New chainring installed. Still on the indoor setup. Probably going to resume outdoor training in a week or two.


Yes its mechanical SRAM 1x11 with a RTC shifter, extensions are just Profile Design T2+

I have it setup to the limit of the UCI regs for length and rise. RTC shifters you can change the angle of the “centre”. Ive got it pointed down a touch. I pretty much only have my pinky finger around the shifter/non shifter extension, rest of the hand is actually sitting above and forward of the extensions.

Chainring is an aero Passquest 54t narrow wide, 110bcd on an Xcadey power spider, on 165mm CVR branded cranks. Just using a regular SRAM derailleur, no clutch. So far no issues even on some rough roads


Finishing touches added and the rig is finally race ready


New build in progress, just waiting for a few more goodies to show up.


…and some nice Mikkeller artwork!

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Good eye!

Shiv TT with SRAM Red 1x, OSPW and dash saddle… where have I seen that before?:sweat_smile:



:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I just swapped over all the usable parts off my old rim brake Shiv TT. Cockpit will be Wattshop, and wheels are Aerocoach Titan front and Roval 321 rear. I’m also on the pre-order list for the new Revolver TroikaMax front whenever it releases.

Do you like 3-Spoke wheels? They do test very fast, but I hate how they handle in the wind. Crazy unpredictable.

This will be my first tri-spoke wheel, haven’t ever tried one. I figure on really windy days I have a 65mm front or a 35mm front I can use, and the 100 or tri-spoke will be for the more calm days.

On another note, I ended up having to get a medium frame because there are no more larges available and rumor has it they aren’t making anymore. The only significant difference is 15mm in reach, so I can make that up with the adjustability of the Wattshop setup.