Legs still sore after Recovery week - signs of overtraining?


Today is my first workout after the Recovery week, yet my legs still feel quite tired.
Wonder what should I do in this case?

Also what possible factors should I look into to make sure it’s not overtraining?
Because I don’t feel like I’m even training that much I feel like I do quite low volume (I’m on mid volume masters).

My gut feeling is that, is related to nutrition (no pun intended). I have been pretty much feeling hungry 24/7 and tbh, I’m eating all the time but it doesn’t seem to be enough.

Can you post or take a screen shot of you calendar to help with responses?

After a recovery week I usually need what I call a “burn day.” Don’t know why, but I can feel sluggish and a bit heavy and the first ride or two back. It’s like your body gets out of sync and needs to get back on track. A few days into the training though and I start to feel the benefits of the recovery (I just feel stronger).


I think calendar is still public, feel free to take a look:

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Absolutely my experience as well.


Everyone’s a bit different, but it is quite common to feel sluggish, stiff, and a bit sore immediately after recovery week. What you did during Recovery/Regen week may have some impact on this as well. I’ll often do some Openers the day before first workout after Recovery/Regen week, as well as put in some shorter efforts later in the Recovery week, so I don’t come back as flat.

Overtraining and/or Underrecovery is a whole different issue altogether and having someone look at your calendar may help you here.


Took a look at your calendar…

It looks like you had some great consistency through the fall and winter (low volume plan?) and were consistently hitting 3-4 days a week with some solid intensity in there!

Then it looks like you went on vacation and then got sick not long after coming back in early May. Since it has been hit and miss… and if I were to take a guess you are probably just aren’t 100% back from battling the bug yet. I may take another week of just some endurance rides and test with things like Bays or some light tempo. Then when you come back maybe some achievable alternates that won’t take you too much but reminds the legs they still need to do some work.

Sometimes these cold linger, even when we feel better. Keep getting good sleep, eating, staying hydrated and you will be back to your normal consistency soon!


Hello there,

It’s not exceptional to still feel a few weakness after a recuperation week, particularly in your legs. Make beyond any doubt you’re giving your body sufficient time to completely recoup between workouts. In the event that the tiredness endures, consider lessening the concentrated or term of your workouts briefly to permit your muscles more time to recuperate.

When it comes to overtraining, it’s vital to tune in to your body and pay consideration to any signs of over the top weariness, diminished execution, determined soreness, or changes in temperament or rest designs. On the off chance that you feel always hungry in spite of eating as often as possible, it may in fact be related to your sustenance. Make beyond any doubt you’re fueling your body with sufficient calories and supplements to bolster your preparing and recuperation needs. Consider counseling with a nutritionist or dietitian to guarantee you’re meeting your dietary necessities.

Beware and tune in to your body’s signals to discover the correct adjust for your preparing and recuperation.

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I’d agree with @Jolyzara after checking out your TR Calendar as well. Things looked pretty consistent until a vacation period and then illness, which can certainly take your training off track and throw a wrench in things. It’s totally possible that you’re still recovering from the travel/holiday and the illness.

I’d also reckon that it has something to do with your nutrition if you’re feeling hungry 24/7. Do you think you’re eating enough to fuel your training? If you’re hungry all the time, I’d guess that you might not be. It could be a good idea to try getting some more carbs into your diet so you have enough energy to support your training load – that would probably make your legs feel a bit springier, too!

If you’re having trouble physically eating enough, you could try drinking some more of your calories. I personally have trouble eating large volumes of food, especially when I’m training hard. I’ve found recovery shakes to be super helpful because I can get a good mix of carbs/protein/calories down in liquid form, which isn’t as difficult for me to digest.

If you continue to feel fatigued, don’t be afraid of backing off the volume a bit more – switching to a Low Volume plan might be a good move if it helps you get back on track. You can always ease up into more volume again in the future!

Aside from that, make sure you’re sleeping plenty (8+ hours per night if you can!) and hydrating well. Stretching and foam rolling might help out with the soreness in your legs, too.

Hope this helps – feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!


Agree with this. Sounds like illness to me.
Personally I get a lot of soreness if I have a bit of underlying sickness, but hardly ever when I don’t.

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