Leg pain/unrest after inactivity

Does anyone else have leg pain or super jumpy legs if they’re off the bike for more than like 3 days? I always just assumed it was normal until it came up in conversation with some other riders. It’s been happening for several years of consistent riding. It just feels like I have to flex them and move to get relief.

Copied from a similar thread:

Hopefully not the same but a few years ago when I rested I experienced calf cramps, I assumed it was normal too and no amount of hydration stopped it. A simple blood test revealed it was an iron shortage. This led to more tests which found bowel/colon cancer. As a relatively fit 65kg 43 year old then, it was the last thing I was expecting. In hindsight I put off that simple blood test too long which gave the bc time to grow. With a early diagnosis the same cam that found it would have pulled it out without the need for surgery. Fortunately, my doctor wasn’t as complacent as me and they caught it before it burst out of the colon and spread.

Its 99.999999% certain its not the issue for you but I’d urge you to have that simple blood test.

wow no kidding. glad everything worked out okay for you! But yeah some have suggested a mineral deficiency

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I’ve had the same issue for years
It’s complete driven me crazy. As every forum I’ve found on this ends without conclusion. I came across an article 2 weeks ago that made me stop in my tracks

I had been diagnosed with an MTHFR blood mutation (not too uncommon) but it lines up exactly with what Katie Compton mentions. I’m experimenting with cutting Folic acid and supplementing with Mythylfolate.
I can’t say yet if this has solved my problem, but it’s worth they try.