Weird crampy stiff quads after a rest week?

I have been pretty consistent with my riding this year since April. I finished 3 weeks of a custom plan and then took a rest week at the end of October. Within a few days if being off the bike, my right quad started getting very crampy - nothing painful, but almost like it was beginning to seize up or I was losing control of the contraction. This happened with walking or mostly while going down the stairs. Going up the stairs didn’t cause any trouble, nor did jumping on the trainer and just spinning the legs.

I google and found a similar thread:

Anyone here have any insight or similar experiences?

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Hopefully not the same but a few years ago when I rested I experienced calf cramps too and no amount of hydration stopped it. A simple blood test revealed it was an iron shortage. This led to more tests which found bowel/colon cancer. As a relatively fit 65kg 43 year old then, it was the last thing I was expecting. In hindsight I put off that simple blood test too long which gave the bc time to grow. With a early diagnosis the same cam that found it would have pulled it out without the need for surgery. Fortunately, my doctor wasn’t as complacent as me and they caught it before it burst out of the colon and spread.

Its 99.999999% certain its not the issue for you but I’d urge you to have that simple blood test.

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Oh boy, @HLaB, I really hope you have a speedy recovery! I lost my dad to colon cancer two years ago, and I could only wish his was discovered sooner than it was.

One reason I had the week off was because I actually had an endoscopy + colonoscopy done as well. The preliminary reports are normal, but I think we’re waiting on some pathology reports in a couple of weeks.

I would have attributed my crampiness to electrolyte imbalances during the colonoscopy prep, but I was actually very well hydrated (with electrolyte drinks and clear broth), I think. Also, the weird crampy/stiff feeling started even before I started the bowel prep for the procedures.

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Thanks. I had it whipped out last April and despite the subsequent chemo I actually managed to build through it.

Sorry for your loss but I’m glad your reports were normal :slight_smile:

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