Tired legs but not over training

Just a general query. Every now and again i go for a cycle and my legs are really tired and lacking energy and I’m trying to figure out what is causing it. It is only once in a while. Yesterday i done 100km but felt like my legs where really tired especially on hills. Starting to think it may be not drinking enough water which i definitely hadn’t been before yesterday and also i had a hot bath the night before as well. I hadn’t done too much cycling leading up to it so I’m not over doing it but i did work 3 late nights taxiing. Just trying to figure what it may be. And i am used to doing these distances. Thanks.

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Take a look at how you’re fueling pre-, during, and post ride (along with how you ate after your recent rides).

Also define what is “hadn’t done too much cycling leading up to it” - if you haven’t ridden much or took a few days off… it’s not uncommon for you to feel flat until you start to get back into it with more intensity.

If I’m interpreting your post correctly my legs go through this as well. Not sure why but, I attribute old age and maybe just generally not cycling enough. This will sound like BS but, I’ve had some interesting results helping to fix the problem with AMP Human PR lotion (used to be called Topical Edge). I use it for harder rides/races and even recovery now. Look into the product and make up your own mind. It’s basically sodium bicarbonate…Link: https://amphumanperformance.com/

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I started experimenting with AMP HP recently as well. I even went as far as doing a untreated left, and treated right leg recently to see if I could tell a difference. There was a subtle, but real difference in the feel of my legs. One way to describe it is almost like a numbing effect.

I just don’t get the typical burn or pain in the treated muscles. It may well be at least partly placebo effect, but I do think there is something to the lotion. I’m honestly surprised there isn’t more discussion about it when you see all the other marginal gains discussions.


I did a two hour group ride yesterday and felt pretty tired afterward. This morning I feel okay, but the difference between an outdoor bike ride and an indoor workout was definitely noticeable.

@mcneese.chad AMP is systemic. You can apply it anywhere for the same affect. So applying it to one leg should do the same thing as applying it to both or your chest etc…this is what Brad Huff told me.

I have only done the on/off test one time. I admit that my feelings could be very much in my head, and want to do more testing. What I experienced was a difference between both legs. Depending on the specifics of the delivery to the body, I could see “it making the rounds” to all muscles in demand, but I won’t be surprised if there is more direct and immediate assistance on the adjacent muscles where the lotion is applied.

Additionally, I need to try on my calves (on/off) during the days I do a brick run. I get more calve strain and burn feeling when I hit the run. I want to try with one on/off and see if I can feel a difference. I even considered trying to have my wife apply the HP and a placebo (sunscreen or something?) so I don’t know which I have on, but the feel might be more difficult to replicate for my small scale testing.


Had the same problem for 40 years, then started using the NormaTec Pro (leg compression) at end of hard training days. New legs in AM😀

What exactly would going into a cycle dehydrated feel like, would this give a feeling of energyless legs??

I too am surprised there’s not more buzz aroun Amp HP lotion. I’m on my second season with it, albeit still in limited fashion (reserving for race days only).

My findings are similar - not a miracle worker, but a noticeable effect (or placebo!). I threw it on for a longer ride a few moths back, for which I felt under fit and expected the legs to feel very fatigued after. I took specific note to how good my legs felt after the ride.

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Used it for the first time today. I’m a believer.


I find it odd so few comments on this. We do all these little things to get a few watts and then I see so little on Amp Human. We had a short comment on podcast 215 but not much by way of other users comments. Is it snake oil or does it really make a difference? New version of Amp Human coming out Jan 2020 as well.

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Also interested in Amp Human real life experience…

OP, it’s possible just tired or tight muscles. Try a recovery spin the day before you ride perhaps.

now you just need to blindfold yourself and have someone apply a non-AMP lotion to one leg and the AMP lotion to the other leg. then see what you think ?!

I did that, and noticed a difference. But from later discussion, it turns out that the AMP is supposed to be “systematic”. Meaning it will be absorbed into the blood stream and distributed throughout the body as needed based on demand. So it “shouldn’t” make any difference in a that sense.

What I experienced in the left/right comparison is apparently down to the other ingredients that help the bicarb get absorbed.