Leg pain due to fit or nutrition?

A little background first.

I got a mtb a Month ago.
Went to my local bike shop that uses retul.
Someone new fit me not the typical person. He compared me to my other retul fit they have that is from an allez.

I started training inside on the mtb (7 days a week 1-2 hours) and have done one 3+ hour trail ride since the fit with no pain.

This past weekend I did a gravel grinder and about 70-90 mins in I started cramping really bad. I do think my nutrition was off a bit. Basically I could never go over z3 because if I did I would start cramping and in weird places…the inside of my leg running from my quad going down

now it’s been two days but I have a nagging pain on the outer right side of my right leg/ back of the knee where the crease is.

I ask before I go back to the shop and get another fit if it’s not the fit.

Would that be some residual pain from the cramps or a bike fit?

Thanks for the help.

My n=1 data is that setting the saddle too high has been the root cause of any leg & hip pain associated with cycling.

Cliche answer but I would see a sports physiotherapist.
They will ask you about your history with cycling and sports athelitics in general
How long did it take before you ramped up to 7 days a week

You may have just over done it if the intensity was fairly high over your 7 days of riding. Perhaps your hamstrings have tightened up it’s caused a general soreness behind the knee where the insertions are.

Who knows, could be a myriad of things that caused this!

One thing you want to avoid is chopping and changing fit unless it’s really obvious, like a slipped cleat, seat post height, reach etc.

Oh 7 days a week isn’t a ramp up that’s normal.

For right now I’m sticking with the same fit to see but just wanted the hive minds thoughts.