Latest Win app release notes?

I know this thread says there is not way to go back to release notes once you’ve closed out of them after an app updates.

This past week I happened to go the the Win app because I wanted to look at alternative workouts for AT, and realized there was no way to do so on the web site, only through one of the apps. Because I was focused on getting to that I went past the release notes quickly, then realized it said something about unstructured outdoor workouts finding or identifying structured workouts with similar TSS or IF? Anyone recall seeing that, or perhaps @IvyAudrain can tell us what that note was about? Thanks!

The last UK Android update says nothing about unstructured rides.

Screenshot_20220515-231148_Google Play Store

Here to help! We added the ability to schedule rides with the same duration and TSS as a completed unstructured outside ride by copying the completed unstructured outside ride and pasting in the Calendar on a future date.

Take note the duration and TSS of the ride in the example below. When you copy it and paste that unstructured ride to another day, the duration and TSS persist as the planned duration+TSS for that new activity.



Thanks for the quick response and example @IvyAudrain. So what I think I’m seeing here is an unstructured outside ride being copied to a future date. Would love to know if there are aspects/benefits of doing this that I’m missing.

Curious about a couple of things:

  • Is this new ride about to be downloaded to a Garmin as an outdoor workout?
  • Does the original and/or copy of the outside unstructured ride associate itself with a TR structured workout?

I was thinking (perhaps hoping?) that this was the start of TR recognizing unstructured outside rides and giving them PLs and all the associated contribution to AT…

I think you’re asking if this would be pushed to your head unit like a TR Outside Workout? This update effects activities that originated as unstructured outside rides, they’ll remain as such when duplicated, so wont appear on your head unit as a TR Structured Workout.

Its more of a ‘fix’ so that web and apps are showing the same functionality, where we saw copied actives carrying over TSS and duration on the web prior, but not for apps.

In terms of utility, I think our athletes could get creative with how to use this haha :wink:

I got excited when I read the release notes of TR Windows release 2022.17.0.199 as I thought it might be the pre-cursor to AT picking up outside rides.

So, I tested it by copying a recent unstructured outside ride in the calendar and pasted it for later this week. But it seemed to be of relatively modest value and I don’t understand the use-case… any ideas?

It’s just this, I think? Latest Win app release notes? - #5 by IvyAudrain

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Yup. Exactly that. Seems like nothing to get excited about. Thanks spectraldoge.

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