Lake shoes- rise on the edge?

Hey All,

I’m hoping someone else has noticed this. I have the 242. I have insoles but for the sake of this I am just referring to the insoles they come with. I get some soreness on the outside of my feet. This isn’t clear placement as they are neutral. I notice when I put my foot in the shoe it kind of comes up to my outer edge and raises it up. I guess this is by design but it’s what’s causing it. It’s not a completely flat sole. I can’t imagine this wouldn’t bother others. I have heat molded the heel per their instructions. Just kind of
Odd. The shoes are wide enough for me( I have the wide version). Any ideas? Insoles help a bit because it levels it out a bit but seems strange.

I have long struggled with outside of foot soreness.

With SPD shoes, I never found a solution. Tried insoles, cleat shims, cleat location, etc.

Moved to Lake road shoes (Look Keo) and it went away for a couple years.

This spring it came back. My thinking was either the shoes were worn out and getting flexible, or the insoles they came with wore out. I replaced the insoles with Superfeet Green and it went away immediately. I think the insoles just wore out.

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That’s interesting. That sounds like a support issue for sure.

What I’m noticing is when I put my foot in the shoe it tends to be formed so it lifts the outside of my foot. Which eventually makes it sore. It’s right around the outside metatarsal area. I can feel it just standing In the shoes too.

Speaking of pedals I use the 2 bolt shimano styled as a road pedal. Can’t think of the name off the top of my head

My fitter used some nail clippers to remove some of the thickness on the outside edge, underneath my insert. This seemed to help. Depending on your insert you might even try a nail file to taper it a bit.