Do I need new shoes, or could it be something else?

This winter I have been doing all my training indoor in the evenings, and recently the morning after a hard ride my right foot has been bothering me. My current shoes are about 5 or 6 years old, they do not have carbon soles and I am also a larger guy at 215lbs and I use speed play pedals. The foot pain is localized to the general location that my speed play pedals fall under the sole of my foot. I am wondering if my shoes are just getting to old / flexy and its time to replace them. I know it would be best to seek out the advise of a fitter before I throw money at shoes, but with COVID I’m still not comfortable with that, however I do plan on getting a fit done once things get a little closer to normal.

FWIW I do have aftermarket specialized insoles in my shoes, could it just be time to replace the insoles?

Seems like you have already given yourself plenty of good advice :smile:

That’s worth a shot. Don;t have experience with this brand in particular, but my sq-labs insoles wear out relatively quickly. so this would be the easiest/cheapest thing to try.
Also not so familiar with Speedplay, but maybe new cleats could help, too? Not sure though.

Oh and I don’t think bodyweight has a big influence on the feet, since it’s kinda separated by the saddle (Unless you go out of the saddle a ton)

Also for myself I noticed, I have this issue only on the right side because my right shoe doesn’t fit all that well. I think my right foot is a bit smaller than my left foot lol.

my feet are pretty close in size, so I don’t think its that. My right side is stringer than my left and I’m thinking more power on that side, shoes starting to flex, small pedal body = foot pain. I am not sure.

I actually replace my Speedplay cleats last fall.