Left heel numb on trainer

Can’t quite pin this down to a specific cause and was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and a fix. I know it’s very personal for different people but another bike fit is not in the cards for me.

I have newer shoes (giant mtb shoes) . Probably around 1 so far and haven’t had an issue yet. I’ve been having a right calf issue and ball of my foot was getting sore so I moved the cleats further back a little. Right now the axle is pretty much a tad behind outside foot metatarsal. Cleat is centered on both. The shoes aren’t too tight I purposely kept them
Loose to see. No real benefit. I put in the arch supports as well to no real benefit. It would appear just having the shoe on makes it numb lately. Not sure if the heel cup is pressing somewhere that’s making it go numb. It’s not happening on the right foot.

Sorry for the long description but I’ve tried everything I could think of

After being off the trainer for a bit it seems my heels are a bit sore so
Maybe the cleats are too far back

  • Are your feet essentially the same size, or is one larger/smaller than the other?

  • Based largely on the comments I quoted, this sounds like you just have the wrong shoe for your foot.

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Sorry I am so late on this. It’s a bummer but you may be right. I’m going to try my old shoes again and see if it’s still happening. I took the arch supports out because they certainly increase the volume in my shoe so I’ll see if that works. Not terribly hopeful. I’ve moved my cleats all the way back to no avail. It makes buying shoes frustrating because by the time you find out they just won’t work you are past the return period.