Lactate testing - field test

Hey there, today after a 3 month period of inconsistent training due to a world trip and currently back 4 weeks into building a base I tested myself again with a classic lactate field test. This to test my aerobic base and to see what training is necessary. In a couple of weeks I will also do a glycolitic power test/Vlamax test when I’m comfortable at higher sprint speeds again.

When I started the first 1600m block I was already pretty high in lactate values (1.8mmol/L) compared to normally (0.9), but I continued the steps. I reached 5.6mmol after the 5th block but desided to do 1 more block to go a bit faster and see at what values I would end up with. The last block I measured 14.6 without being verry fatigued. I assume my glycolitic system is pretty dominant and strong at the moment seeing these results. But my question is. Do I include the last block into my test since the results of the algoritm are a bit different when I do (see pictures). the first picture is the result with only 5 blocks included, picture 2 includes all blocks (up until 14.6) Is this more accurate since there is an extra data point our does this influence the measures in a negative way? (ignore the names of the photo’s since they are in wrong order)

Daan Michiels