Kona qualification on full distance Low Volume Plan

Am considering attempting Kona Qualification in 2020 and was curious if anyone has followed this route with the full distance low volume plan?

Ideally I would follow the mid volume plan but pool and bike access are not available at lunch during week work days hence sticking to low volume as can do my runs at lunch and swim or bike in evening.

If anyone has completed these plans or have any advice about using the low volume to qualify I’d be interested to here.

I used the low volume back in 2017 hitting about 85% of workouts and managed an IM in slightly over 10 hours.


Hi there,

Missed this thread when it was posted - I’m not sure Low volume on its own is the best approach a KQ attempt, but I think Ive heard some elites use Low volume as a part of their plan, eg that TR covers their indoor riding but they have a plan of outdoor rides as well, plus swim plus run of course.

I tend to use mid volume plans even if I can’t do every bike session, and substitute outdoor for indoor rides.

Let us know what course you’re doing in this thread?