70.3 low volume plan

Has anyone had success using the low volume half distance plan?

I have been using the low volume Olympic plan for the past year and shown improvement in all three disciplines.

I would like to step up to complete my first 70.3 next summer but not sure I can commit to the time demand of the mid volume plan.


Not personally but there are lots of discussions on the plans in any of the Ironman threads on here and from memory lots have used LV to good effect

5.23 is my best, since 2018 when I got my PM I have done the 70.3 LV full plan 4 times, the lV plan once and then bits of SS in off seasons my FTP went from 163 when I started to 298 at my peak this season.

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Thanks both for your replies. @Simo429 did you follow the plan exactly or did you supplement with endurance rides outdoors?

The event I’m looking to participate in is not until mid July, would you recommend starting the plan now or a little closer to the event? Bike is my strongest - 260 FTP 3.4W/KG

The volume of the plan is there to match the time you have, and all plans will prepare you for the race.

Have no fear with LV, there is no requirement to add more training on top.

Just followed it through, too many people round here in recent years I know had bad accidents I hate riding outside unless it is in a race.


In my experience LV 70.3 == MV Olympic in terms of training time, so you’ll spend more time than you already are.

As was said above, you’ve got to pick the plan you actually have time for. Age Groupers aren’t professionals.

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It works for sure. I road a 2:15 on the 70.3 low volume plan with only a few minor tweaks. Consistency is the key.

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