Long Distance Triathlon Plan (low volume)

Hey guys,

has anyone experience with the low volume long distance triathlon plan? Did anyone prepare with that plan for an ironman and what was your result?

I know, it is not only about the plan, but also about the training history.
But anyways, I am looking for a plan that gets me fit for my first Ironman in July next year.
The low volume plan seems fine. But i am wondering if the running volume is too low for an ironman…


Just to jump on this, when I click on the tri plans I don’t see any run or swim workouts, what am I doing wrong?

They should appear in the calendar, when you add the plan.
In the plan overview, they are under the point: swim/run… tips.

@Amnesty. I have used this plan in the past and was very happy with the result. I felt well prepared for the challenge. I have now prepared my calendar using the long Distance Triathlon plans for my full Distance Triathlon next year.

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I’ve used the bike part only, mixed between low and medium. I’ve nothing against the run part, but I prefer to plan my runs myself. The bike workouts certainly put me in a good position to execute a strong bike and still run well off the bike.


@Amnesty I haven’t done the full plan but have done the 70.3 bike portion and it fully prepared me for that piece. As for the other 2, I use the book “Run Less, Run Faster” for the run portion because it has a more detailed prescription of paces benchmarked off and Threshold Pace. It has the same three workout a week methodology with a interval day, tempo day and long run. The swim portion I got on the Tower26 program and it was a game changer on swim. It is a little pricy but an individual swim coach wanted double the price for the same type of program. Good Luck!!

I followed it (bike and run) for my first IM distance tri and did pretty well with a 10:49 finish time. For me personally though it was light on the running side (cam into triathlon from a swim background and running is my weakest of the three. For my next (IM UK 2019) I am going to use the bike section of the plan, but do my own swim (as before) and own running.

Coming from a cycling background i am planning on doing the low volume base then the mid volume base which i believe increases the run duration . I am still unsure about the whole thing after looking at plans such as Don Fink Be Iron Fit…

I think that a lot of the programmes I have seen are ‘light’ on running. The reason often given is that we are building endurance on the bike which will carry over to the run, while limiting the physical impact of running too much.