Kona 2018 - Rides, Meetups, Discussion, etc

Hey everybody,

As we mentioned on the podcast, we will be in Kona from Monday, October 8 until Sunday, October 14. We will be riding at 7:00am Tuesday-Friday and would love for those on the island and able to join us! Depending on how many folks will be there, we’d also like to get together for drinks & apps as well, so we’ll schedule that as this thread develops.

But before we get into that, let us know who you think the podium will be in Pro Men and Pro Women. We’ll send a swag package to one person that guessed the proper finishing order for each of the Pro divisions. May the odds ever be in your favor! :slight_smile:

Ride Information
Every route will have recollection points throughout, and if needed, we’ll split up into different groups to accommodate different needs of the riders.

  • Tuesday, October 9
    7:00am - 9:00am
    Route: Captain Cook Loop (45 miles, 4,000’ of climbing)
    Meeting Point: Kona Haven Coffee (75-5805 Alii Dr)
    Info: This route is a go-to with a super fun descent to the first stop at Captain Cook Bay, and depending on time, a possible stop on the way back at Menehune Coffee above the plantations.

  • Wednesday, October 10
    7:00am - 9:00am
    Route: Kaloko Drive (28 miles, 4,600’ of climbing)
    Meeting Point: Kona Haven Coffee (75-5805 Alii Dr)
    Info: This is a climb I’ve always wanted to do on the island, but never gotten around to it. In short, turn onto Palani and don’t stop for the next 11.5 miles. Going to be a tough one, but we’ll collect at the start of Kaloko Drive, and then recollect at the top before descending down. Should be fun!

  • Thursday, October 11
    7:00am - 9:00am
    Route: Waikoloa - Waimea Loop (47 miles, 3,400’ of climbing)
    Meeting Point: Lava Lava Beach Club, Waikoloa (69-1081 Ku’uali’i Pl, Waikoloa Village, HI)
    Info: This route is outside of Kona in Waikoloa. We’ll start out like we are climbing Mauna Kea, but then we’ll realize we are sensible humans that make great decisions, and hang a right on the Belt Road toward the town of Waimea. :wink:
    We’ll then book it back down to the Queen K and finish back at Lava Lava.

  • Friday, October 12
    7:00am - 9:00am
    Route: Captain Cook Loop (45 miles, 4,000’ of climbing)
    Meeting Point: Kona Haven Coffee (75-5805 Alii Dr)
    Info: Another lap on this beautiful route. If we are feeling cooked, we’ll have an alternate version that removes some climbing with a turnaround before the drop down to Captain Cook.


All in favor of a meetup on Tuesday or Friday evening, post a reply below. We’ll organize a spot with good app’s and good beer (Chad to be chief decision maker on the latter :wink: ).

Looking forward to seeing y’all in Kona!


Hi Jonathan,
Sitting here listening to the podcast.
Hope there is a good turnout from the Trainer road users.
See ye Tuesday.



If I won the £165 million on last nights lottery I will see you there.

I didn’t win it but neither did anyone else so when I win the 170 mil I’ll see you there


Thanks for the chat Jonathan! I look forward to meeting you guys and maybe a sneaky pre-race beer with Chad.

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Thanks for the chat…this afternoon. Clearly I found the forum. I’ll keep in touch and kesping my fingers crossed for deferral or kona 2019 qualification. Hey I did once just need to do it again!

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Looking forward to it Emmet! You look ready to give this course a proper lashing on Saturday :slight_smile:

For the Waimea loop, if you need a mid ride pick me up, check out Waimea Coffee Co. for a cortado and a cherry sourdough bun!


Good call Steve! You should just extend your vacation :wink:


Hey Jonathan,
Let’s hope Madame Pele thinks so too.
Tomorrow is Waikoloa to Hawai so if I make it back it will be further than I got last year :slight_smile:
Hope that 170 mil might do the lotto when I get back too.

See you guys for some of those rides.

OK, here’s my Podium…

Braden Currie
Lionel Sanders
Javier Gomez

Notable mention that Cam Brown will have the 3rd fastest run and get up to 7th place

Lucy Charles
Heather Jackson
Rinny Carfrae

I’m aware of the rarity of someone winning it who hasn’t been on the Podium the year prior. Not since Luc Van Lierde (men) Chrissie Wellington (women). But Braden’s a special athlete, and a Kiwi and you should always back the Kiwi coz we know how to close out a post-race party.

  1. Sebastian Kienle

  2. Patrick Lange

  3. Lionel Sanders

  4. Daniela Ryf

  5. Lucy Charles

  6. Sarah Crowley

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My Podium:

  1. Javier Gomez Noya

  2. Patrick Lange

  3. Lionel Sanders

  4. Daniela Ryf

  5. Lucy Charles

  6. Mirinda Carfrae

I won’t be able to make it for any rides but will be available to meet up and drink beer while hearing everyone talk about the awesome rides.


  1. Kienle
  2. Sanders
  3. Lange


  1. Ryf
  2. Charles
  3. Jackson

Those sound like fun. Won’t make it this year, but hopefully y’all will be there next year. I qualified for Kona at IM Chattanooga last week, so will be there next year. Had a great bike split thanks to TrainerRoad!

I really don’t like Sanders but can’t put my finger on why.

Looking forward to the rides and meeting you guys this year. See you Tuesday morning!

Men’s podium:

  1. Lionel
  2. Braden
  3. Javier

Women’s podium:

  1. Daniella
  2. Lucy
  3. H.J

We’re enroute to Kona!


(screech!) Wait, what?!?! Where is Ryf in your podium?? Why the absence?

We’ve got a 8 hour layover in Seattle and we’re in a Airline club with free drinks…

Any bets on when Chad will start drinking? Winner gets a free month of TrainerRoad. Price is right rules, closest time without going over. We’ll measure it by first sip.

I bet 1pm.