Kona 2018 - Rides, Meetups, Discussion, etc

I’m tempted to 12:59 you, @Nate_Pearson, but I’m in with an aggressive 12:30

Chad, don’t read this, you’ll ruin the game! :laughing:

Yeah I’m getting pounded for this call by all my mates.
I’m basing it on logic, so hear me out.
Ryf is definitely one of the best and no denying she could win it. But only Paula Newbury Fraser and Natasha Badmann have done more than 3 in a row. These were done in times of possibly weaker fields, even the slightest falter could do Ryf in with such great runners behind her.
She had such a dominant race at 70.3 that I don’t wonder that was her peak, and to back it up will be a struggle.
I’ll probably be proven wrong though. In fact one of the athletes I coach is so certain Ryf will win that has bet that if anyone else wins it she will buy me a box of beers.
It’s going to be a great watch.

hope to see you in Kona next year…
Here is my podium:

  1. D. Ryf
  2. L. Charles
  3. S. Crowley
  4. S. Kienle
  5. J. Gomez
  6. P. Lange

Here are my picks for Pro Podium spots:

-Patrick Lange
-Lionel Sanders
-Tim O’Donell

-Mirinda Carfrae
-Daniela Ryf
-Lucy Charles

Looking forward to riding with everyone tomorrow.

-Patrick Lange
-Javier Gomez
-Cam Wurf


  • Daniela Ryf
    -Lucy Charles
    -Heather Jackson

Nancy and are In, see you along the route.



Who won?


  1. Lange
  2. Sanders
  3. Kienle


  1. Ryf
  2. Charles
  3. Haug

Have your guys decided on dinner and which night?

Cool to see Kienle getting some rep. If I had only known who he was 6 years ago when I did the Maui Xterra worlds. Ran in to him during one of the hikes on the road to Hana, took a nice picture of my wife and me. I knew he had won the Hawaii airlines double (best combined Kona and Maui time gets a free ticket) at the awards ceremony a day or so before, but did not know he had just won 70.3 worlds and got 4th at Kona.

Sorry I am going to miss out on this adventure! Hope you guys don’t mind but I am going to plan a small biking vacation around these routes!

Have fun!


  1. Sanders
  2. Lange
  3. Currie


  1. Ryf
  2. Charles
  3. Rinny

My prediction:
.1. Lionel Sanders
.2. Patrick Lange
.3. Sebastian Kienle
.1. Lucy Charles
.2. Daniela Ryf
.3. Sarah Crowley

Really excited for tomorrow, gonna be a long night to watch from the Netherlands

Nate, Jonathan and Chad thanks so much for the great riding experiences. Loved every minute of it.
Jonathan thanks so much for the Clif Bloks, I really needed it. Rookie error for not taking enough fuel for the day, I owe you one bro.
That athlete of mine I pointed out is Jason Schoeman. Let me know if you need his contact deets.


Prediction: Ed Baker will win the Amateur division!

An amazing story: At age 39 in his 1st ironman ever this past July he won Lake Placid, not just in his age category, but overall (9:18). A month later (Aug 19th), at the Copenhagen Ironman World Championships he shaved 51 mins off his Lake Placid time and placed 1st among all amateurs and 10th overall in 8:27. If you are interested, here’s a video for more about Ed:

btw: He is also a super nice guy (I rode with when he lived in NorCal before moving to Cambridge, MA)

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What a great role model for them kids…good luck on his Kona journey

I feel very inadequate watching the guys on the Kona bike leg. #fast

Only Jonathan and I bet and we both missed it, he waited a full day!

Would be great if there were follow up podcasts with the 4 guys you interviewed pre Kona, enjoyed these despite not being a triathlete!

Hi @Jonathan and the Team, on a recent podcast you mentioned your plans to return to Kona this year. Will you be doing similar rides to those you planned last year? Not sure I could keep up, but I’d love the chance to get to meet you all.
Actually of course what I really want is to wangle an invite for a meal at your place cooked by @Pete!!
Meanwhile, keep up the good work. I love the podcast, especially when @Jonathan interjects to keep the conversation on topic, and Trainer Road is the only thing that gets me on my Turbo Trainer.


Yes, we’ll do rides. I believe we’re going to start at Kona Haven Cafe most mornings at 7am.

I know there’s a at least one morning that we’re not going to start there. As we get closer we’ll put a better schedule in this thread.