Ride routes in Kona?

This was a tough one to search for…I guess something else happens in that town other than vacations.

I’m headed to Kona for a vacation week next year and I’ve been cleared by my wife to get some limited riding in (I have to pay for a spa day. I guess that’s a fair trade). If you could only do one ride in Kona, what route would you do? The full Ironman course? The 70.3 course? Something else?

If you were lucky enough to get two rides in, what would be your second route?

When the TR guys did group rides in Kona, I recall a few of them going towards Captain Cook. I’ve driven part of the IM route and personally wouldn’t bother riding on it. @Nate_Pearson had some recent rides down there on his strava so you could check that out for ideas too.

Edited to add the old thread which might help you: Kona 2018 - Rides, Meetups, Discussion, etc

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Heading to Captain Cook is a good ride. Go down to Napo opoo Pier and return on the Mamalahoa bypass road after that.

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I’d agree that the full ironman bike course isn’t the most interesting route but if you’re into triathlon then it’s nice to do it.

The loop down to Captain Cook is very nice,

If you fancy a decent climb then Kaloko Drive is nearby.

https://www.strava.com/activities/1215551961 (Kaloko Drive)

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