2019 Kona Details

Hey TR Guys,

I will be in Kona Oct 4-13 to watch IM. Im doing the practice race swim on Oct 6 and maybe the 10K run on Oct 5, but was trying to find the info on your “Kona Camp Rides” like you posted for 2018.
Is it up somewhere already? If not, when do you plan to post details on meetups, ride details, beer drinking repeats with Chad, etc.

Bumping this thread as I’m starting to make plans for my week in Kona. When will ride details be available @Nate_Pearson ? Really would like to meet up with y’all. I’d be down for an interview also if you need someone.

@Jonathan is planning stuff right now. That reminds me that we need a waiver!


Hey TR team
I fly out to Kona on Friday and wondered if you are interviewing any TR users this year?