Classified gear hub

Finally some review of classified hub:

It looks very promising to be honest, especially as a platform for future development.

I read that too, I like the idea of a race bike with massive range and aero front rings.

Would make things like the 3t viable for hilly/mountainous areas.

Well the system is not as efficient. I hope to test ride the bike but no classified system

Where are you getting that info from? The linked article said Classified claim it’s as efficient as a regular 2x system. Though admittedly there’s no actual data or testing in the article to validate that claim so I’d want to see independent testing!

I want to know about the efficiency loss when the planetary gears are spinning. The current design on a bicycle drivetrain is one of the most efficient designed. But with planetary gear like in rear wheel drive vehicles there is efficiency loss. Same reason FWD cars are more efficient then RWD. These gears in the rear hub are always going to be spinning.

Lets not talk about how its a proprietary cassette and hub, thats more work then it might be worth. No interchanging wheels also this is the only bike with the design it might act up and you have a 1k paper weight. Also if there is a problem ridley dealers are pretty limited in the states. It sucks you cant run 650b wheels, and you cant run 2x. This might be the perfect bike if you could run 2x, as its as aero as the noah and takes 42c wheels. I saw someone in england put 43c on the frame

With that being said, I have one in a box minus the rear hub. I hope to compare to my N+1 bike the aspero. I am a massive Aspero homer also, this will be an interesting build and I have spared no expense to give it a fair comparison.

43 on the rear

To be fair I think the only reason it takes 42c is because it doesn’t have a front mech…

I really like to look of this bike regardless of the classified hub - as long as the hub doesn’t suck more than 3-4w of my power in the easy gears I’ll go for that option I think.

The good thing is if you lose 5w with the hub, the bike makes up for it in aero gains. Of course we really have very limited aero data on gravel bikes. 3T, Kanzo Fast, Aspero should be thrown in a wind tunnel and get some data.

The bar on the kanzo is very nice. The flair on it is awesome. Crappy thing is that you can not run a longer stem and your stuck with ridleys bar, as the steerer tube is not a circle.

This is interesting. I’m assuming there’s no loss in 1:1, which is what’s important. Seems like it doesn’t add too much rear weight, which is a problem with the Shimano Alfine hubs. $1000 is rough.