Merida - UK distribution baffling

The new Merida Reacto is a bit of a looker, as per usual the reviewers say it’s stiff but not harsh, I’d like to test one to see what that really means.

Their dealer network however is bizarre - Nowhere near me listed as a dealer actual stocks or even sells their road bikes. There are some step through, folders and the odd e-bike centre. Most seem to be Rayleigh (the UK brand!)/ Dawes dealers who presumably could order a Merida bike…

Anyone know anywhere you can ride Merida road bikes?

Have you got in touch with them here;
Phone: +44 115 981 7788
Fax: +44 115 981 7799

Another made in Taiwan bike.In my humble opinion for the price, you have probably 50 better bikes.

I’ve emailed them in case their dealer network isn’t kept updated, but no reply as yet.

I’m curious about your made in Taiwan comment though, what do you mean by it?

Not arguing the Taiwan comment - as most carbon bikes are - but Merida owns 49% of Specialized - same statement could be said about them (really insert any well known bike manufacturer outside of Giant) as well?

Tons of people plopping down 12K+$ for SL7s

are you advocating for handmade specialty bikes?

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I am not a fan, perhaps because of the connection with Specialized, perhaps because they’ve failed to impress me with any model or advance technology on a bike.Generally, low to mid-level bike units are manufactured in Asia and a few high-end bikes are made in-house.
Merida has expansive factories that produce quality bikes. Almost all their bikes are made in China with some high end model made in Taiwan.

If its anywhere near you one of my lbs does them


I’d second this recommendation if you are nearby. I’ve had many years good service from PCH.

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Thanks guys, 200 mile round trip unfortunately.

I have 4 Merida bikes. My brother runs a bike shop in the North West. Let me know if you want more details

Thanks but I am in South Essex and work in Kent / Surrey / Central London (when back in the office, maybe 2021).

I can get Specialized no problem, same for Giant, Cannondale, Look, Cervelo, Focus, BMC, even Ridley.

I’m waiting for my bike fitter to confirm she is ready to go so there is no rush. Pricing of 21 models and availablity is pushing me down a certain route anyhow.

Is just very odd there is no Merida presence locally.

Ah ok that is a bit of a trip! The UK bike industry distribution is strange anyway. My brother shop can’t sell Specialised because a shop 40miles away objected.

That could be it, Specialized dealers all over the place here.

The local Merida dealer is a one man band out of a small shed in our village. He sells the odd shopping bike but the business survives on servicing.

Merida suggest using the dealer finder. Sounds like an opportunity for their business development team.