Kolie Moore's FTP test protocol

You would aim to go as fast as possible, and end up riding it over FTP - but isn’t that what the 95% correction factor is for?

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And as we all know, emergent physiological phenomena are easily reduced to simple linear equations without any loss of generality.

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You could still follow a TR plan in part by doing say, the weekly Saturday progression from Olympic Triathlon Build Mid Vol? That would start you out with 4x9 Threshold with generous 1:1 rests and 75 mins at Tempo, and progress you to 5x10 with 1:2 rests and 75 mins at high SweetSpot. Comparing how the RPE feels during those alternating workouts would probably give you clues about your strengths/weaknesses and what might help you to work on (shorter and higher, lower and longer). I think calibrating RPE is a part of the KM testing philosophy.

The TR plan progressions are achievable for most I think, that’s the business model. The cost of setting interval goals that are too long or ambitious and not completing your whole planned progression is feeling like you failed, being confused about where to go next or what else to try, and losing the opportunity to complete more aerobic work which you could have done with less ambitious targets. The cost of completing your whole progression at less ambitious targets is nothing except maybe wondering what you could have achieved if you’d gone all out. But you just did that with the FTP test right?

I didn’t say that it was accurate.

I was just pointing out that you wouldn’t use your power from a maximal 20 minute effort or a 10 mile TT as your FTP, which is how splash made it sound.


TR sweetspot intervals are also rarely just 90% of FTP in their base plan(s). This week I did Mary Austin, Leconte & SS90/60 1x60min. The two TR workouts were somewhat challenging and got painful towards the end. The 60min @ 90 was easy in comparison.

Both of those, Mary Austin and Leconte are THRESHOLD intervals, so yes I would hope 60 minutes SST @ 90% would be easy in comparison, I don’t really get your point?


My apologies. I thought both of those were considered largely sweetspot.

I did the Baseline test a week ago.

Ramp Test: 301W
Baseline Test: 294W for 35:42

First thought to me was that it was way harder than the ramp test both physically and mentally. I’ve always recovered quickly from the ramp test, whereas this was really tough and I took a rest day the following day. Other thing I noticed was that I didn’t sett a single power PR. Not sure what to take from that.

Decided to go with 295W moving forward just for the round number. Did 3x12@92%, 3x15@92%, Clouds Rest, and Reinstein -1 this past week and felt really good. I think having done the Baseline test twice now, I think its won’t be so mentally tough in the future.


Well 35 minutes is the absolute rock-bottom bare minimum TTE - some would even say it’s too short and should be at least 40 minutes.

So either you were riding above FTP for 35 minutes which is totally possible (and would explain why you were so wiped out the next day), and your FTP is a bit lower still, or if that really is your FTP then you should work on extending your TTE, which will likely provide the foundation required for lifting your FTP.

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Well it depends how recent the performances you failed to beat were. If you’ve got a better result for 35 or more minutes in the last few weeks, maybe go with that as your FTP. If 294 is the best you’ve done recently, then stick with that.