Kings Cup Gravel (UK) anyone?

Is anyone racing the Kings Cup in a few weeks time? Our first gravel ‘race’ in the UK ?!

I recce’d the course yesterday and there’s about 20% gravel! The rest is long grass and a little bit of sand/flint. Very little gear changes or breaking and obviously not technical at all. However, I did think it would be more of an off-road TT but given the change in surfaces it’s likely the power profile will be a bit more spikey, using the gravel roads to recover eat/drink - definitely a preference for me!

I ran Challenge Limus, 33mm, 40 psi (53kg) yesterday and no problem with grip but it was VERY bumpy! Best we can hope for is some rain beforehand but if I look to change to a 40mm gravel tyre will there be an advantage? Any disadvantages? Any advice on pressure?
I actually have zero experience of gravel set up, I’m a CX’er! My bike will take up to 51mm.

I was going to do the short-course time trial, but they cancelled it due to lack of entries. Since my fitness isn’t up to the full-length race I signed up for a 10k run instead.

I just signed up to this because of this post! Well, the fondo. Hadn’t even heard of the event

I’ve similarly got a CX bike and 33mm tyres.

I don’t know what I’m doing but psyched to give it a go.

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I do think it will be fun and it’s certainly got big promotion but I’m not sure it’s quite as advertised. I guess does it really matter if it’s a good event? Prob not!

I’m thinking it’s a 4hr + course for the U60

That’s a bit of a bold claim. What about dirty reiver for example?

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Depends who ‘our’ is, its maybe their first not the UKs first :joy:

And that’s at a national level. No Fuss Events did the Cowal Way Chase in 2018, I imagine there’s been quite a few local/regional events put on across the UK.

Did anyone do this?

I raced and loved it! Omg it went off hard - like an extended CX race! :open_mouth:

They shortened the course which I think was sensible and I came in under 2.5 hrs which was more than enough time to be out there.

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A couple of mates in the club did. One shipped his chain but still did 19mph and the other was 5th with a 19.4mph average (and thats Strava so it might have been actually faster), rapid :open_mouth:
I think my mate’s tactics were to go off hard so it was thinned out before the technical bits.