Dirty Reiver 2024 and tyre choice

So, I’ve got in for next year’s Dirty Reiver (the 200km version).

I wouldn’t say I’m confident about the training, but I got in good enough shape last year to finish just outside the top 10% in the Fred Whitton, so that doesn’t worry me too much.

What I am wondering about, though, is tyre choice. The gravel roads up around Kielder look very different to the mixed bag of stuff we get in the Chilterns, and I’ve never found a tyre I’m totally happy with.

Obviously puncture protection is probably the number 1 priority, but I think speed becomes important in events this long as well (hence running GP5000s for the Fred).

I’m pretty set on running 40 or 42 (42 is the max my frame will take).

Any recommendations (especially from those who are local or who’ve done it)?

The current shortlist:

  • Pirelli Cinturato RC
  • schwalbe g one r
  • Vittoria Terreno Dry
  • Continental Terra Trail

Any thoughts welcome!

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I did the Conti Terra Speed, in a 40, last year, and they were great.

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Thanks for the input.

I’m planning to get up there in March, but am I right in thinking it’s mainly fast/fine gravel with a few chunkier and rockier sections?

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You got it right on the surfaces; all pretty tame. It’s more about grinding out the long effort.

The start waves are a bit odd, or at least were last year. The starter said that they’d let us go in waves, but that it would be neutral for a while, so we’d all come back together up the road. In actual fact, there was no motorbike or car keeping it neutral, so the gap between the first group and the 2nd, meant they never came back. If you can get in the first wave, even if you fall back later, do it.

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Useful advice - thanks.

I managed to average 200NP (not quite 3w/kg) for 7.5 hours for the Fred (7hr 21 riding, 16 mins of stopping) with a few 10 minute periods >4w/kg up the climbs.

My target is very similar numbers for the DR, though I’ll bank on putting in another ~10 minute stop.

But then, the best laid plans, etc…

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Gotcha. That might actually be fun then to let a few groups go (or more) and then have riders to work your way back through as you go.

I got a puncture on my WTB Nano’s but my mate on Kenda Flint Ridge was fine - he’d specifically chosen them for supposedly having solid side walls.

So far as the start waves… It was pretty much just shove your way in near the front if you wanted to get out amongst the front runners. I ended up amongst the general crowd and really didn’t quite trust riding along chain-gang style with people I didn’t know their skill level on some quite narrow ribbons of smooth gravel (worn vehicle tyre lines) amongst the loose gravel of the wider track.

I struggled with my back starting to ache by the 100km food stop and getting the puncture shortly after that ended my desire to do the full 200km.

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