Keilder gravel Uk

I’m going to be doing my first gravel race (first and second actually as it’s a weekend) in September. I’ll be using my xc mountain bike though and wondering what tyres would be recommended. I was thinking Continental terra trail or schwalbe thunder burt.

Nice!!! Good luck :slight_smile:

They both look nice! A little flatter in the middle and more tread on the sides.

Probably consider smaller width tires to help with the rolling resistance since you’ll be on the XC bike.

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Consider the following as well

  • Panaracer GravelKing SK+

Work pretty well on the typical forestry commission tracks you’ll encounter.

I’ll take a look at the gravel king. I’d been going down the schwalbe overland 40mm but still open to recommendations

What is the event called?

I had no issues riding 37mm tyres in the dirty reiver, a friend even ran 35’s.

It’s the glorious gravel Keilder weekend.

Good know you had issues on narrow tyres. I’ll probably go for the gravel king sk.