Dirty Reiver '22

So whose in? My first go, signed up for the 200km

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Nice. It’s a great event.

I’ll be there for the sixth time.


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I’ve got my entry sorted but still wating on my gravel bike.

Interested to here what kind of bikes, wheels and tyres people recommend?

I’m in! First timer too. Looks like an awesome route and trails.

Literally got this and then getting straight on a plane(hopefully!) to go and do Mallorca 312 the following weekend.

First timer too, got a sonder Camino Al on route as a treat, was going to use my cx race bike

From what I’ve read 40mm ish tyres seem a popular choice

I did it a few years ago. Singlespeed on an On-One Pompetamine :grinning: I had WTB Riddler 37C tyres set up tubeless on whatever cheap wheels On-One sell, can’t remember what pressure I had them at. I also double taped my bars to give me some extra cushioning. Singlespeed is quite a good option as you are either stood up to descend or stood up on the climbs so you don’t get a sore bum :+1: 39:20 as a gear ratio isn’t!

Make sure your bike has been serviced - the number of people with grinding, skipping gears and the like in the first few km was amazing - why turn up to an event with your bike not up to the job?

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I’m in for the 200km.
At the moment I’ll be doing it on my Santa Cruz Blur. Any vets got opinions on racing this on an MTB. Don’t think weight is an issue as my bike compares pretty well in that respect with most gravel bikes. Aero is pretty much the only downside I can see, but what do people think.
Planning to run some XC race tyres - maybe maxis recon.

Yeah, I’ve entered the 200km… will be using my Cyclocross bike… just need to figure out tyre choice and the training obvs :grinning: what plans are people following on trainerRoad to supplement long outdoor rides?

And test your tyre pressures. The number of people stopping for punctures after the first descent of the day is ridiculous.

In for the 130km… first gravel race and coming from Germany for it. I am from the area originally but not been back for a very long time.

Interested in tips @themagicspanner:slight_smile:

I will be on my Gravel bike running tubeless and trying to get as much training in as possible (using plan build on gravel for low volume) and longer weekend rides.

Actually trying to work on my fuelling as have that first cut-off in mind at 65km, especially after some long climbs (looking at last years gpx files).

Hope the bike has arrived @kevstraining :slight_smile:

My Ridley Kanzo Fast got put back until August :eyes: - so I cancelled that!

Picked myself up a 3T exploro Racemax and loving it. Think I’ll end up running the 650b wheels and 2.25inch tyres for dirty reiver :ok_hand:

Ah that’s a shame. I also waited ages to get my Canyon Grizl and some fortune I managed to find a day when it was in stock…

I will keep the 45mm G-one bite I am comfortable with… just finding some older posts on it now.

Looking forward to it…

Getting close now - hows the training going?

Originally I had this down as an “A” race but now I’m less concerned about setting a good time and will just be happy to finish in one piece.

I’m a bit like that this year. Had Covid in January which lingered for ages so really not sure how things are going to pan out this year. Maybe just getting round will be a good strategy. Having said that when I’m all lined up ready to go there’s a good change I’ll just empty myself…

The same crowd are doing another event this year called the Frontier 300 which starts in Dumfries and Galloway and end in Northumberland. It’s 300km with 10 off road sections totaling about 150km. I think that and the Deadwater 100 mountain bike race are my main goals for the year.

Let me get back to you on that…

Same here @kevstraining … I am more interested in getting around in one piece as well as will be my longest ride / set of climbs. Pleased I stuck with TR and have seen massive benefits on the training rides but now wishing I had joined earlier and started last year!! Oh well! :slight_smile:

@themagicspanner Yeah also had a nice xmas present of COVID from the family visiting but luckily no long lasting effects and was able to be on in January. Hope nothing serious.

Yeah I am riding with a friend who is a lot lighter and faster so need to think about my pacing and not getting pulled into “emptying” myself as well!

Looking forward to heading back home for the long weekend!

Definitely a survival guide for me at this point, fingers crossed

For anyone that has done the race before, do you know what the deal is with campervans. It seems like there are a few different options of sites, but I can’t find the details on if this needs to be booked or if its first come first served. Planning to get there on the Friday night and basically only need a pitch (no electric), but would be good if there’s toilets nearby.

Thanks and see some of you in a couple of weeks.

Good luck everyone

Two words: That headwind!


The two guys that did it on fixies :exploding_head: