Gravel champs win

TR definitely helped me win the 65-69 womens category in the British Gravel championships.
I don’t think of myself as a gravel racer, I prefer the gnarlier stuff , or cyclo X, but on the day, I enjoyed the race. It was so hard ,and so fast and I ended up riding alone a lot of the time , as most of the group I started with didn’t join with me, and one went off in front but I couldn’t catch her.
I had a knee operation (minor) end of April and struggled a bit to raise my FTP over the next month but eventually it’s almost back to last years numbers.
It was a fantastic event, the organisation was great, the venue was ideal , and the weather perfect, so thanks to all those involved .
Now onto a new plan on TR…


Congrats on the win, must be amazing to pull that jersey on.

I did the fondo yesterday, 100km was a bit too far for my hands and wrists with all the bumping and rattling over all the sandy tree roots!


Congratulations @Lydiagould! I think you maybe did a Successful Athletes Podcast ep a few years ago? Enjoyed that and glad to see you’re still going strong!


Wow, well done! My right hand really suffered and fingers went completely numb for most of the race. Lost some time faffing to get a gel out of my jersey pocket , then bit off the top and it went all over me ,so i finished in a sticky mess :rofl:
It must be hard to pace yourself over 100k as it’s so fast! CX bikes are quite unforgiving on bumpy courses!

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Yes, still going, but I know I don’t race enough to be as competitive as I’d like

Do any of us? How many of us even have lives that would allow it?

You’re doing it and that’s the main thing. Plus your result speaks for itself!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thats so great to hear :heart_eyes:
Gravel races are pretty gnar gnar!



Congratulations! Super effort