Kickr Power Smart Trainer Tips

Hi, I just upgraded my trainer from Kurt Kinetic to Kickr Power (the newest version). I love how quiet and stable it is compared to the KK. The feel is also day and night, and I am trying to get used to the new feel.

The first ride on the bike was 10 min sweet spot intervals yesterday and I’m gonna be honest I was wrecked end of the ride. I don’t know how to explain but my feet and knees were pretty sore after I finished the workout. For the background, I was riding in standard mode, 2/9 resistance (no clue what that is :roll_eyes:), and the powermatch was disabled.

Also is there a switch button on this thing? Bluetooth and Ant+ lights are on the whole time. Should I just unplug it after each ride? Thank you all for the feedback!

  • So you have a power meter and had it paired, setting your power like you used to do with the Kinetic?

If you are using the same power data device, you are likely just experiencing the difference in feel from the change in flywheel momentum/inertia between the two trainers.

  • Even if you are using the same power meter as the other trainer, I would recommend a new FTP test of your choice. This is the common recommendation for any power data device change, but I think it can apply when changing trainers (and keeping the same power data). There is likely enough difference in “feel” to show in a test, and your “FTP” may be a tad different as a result.
  • No. You can leave it plugged in or unplug it. Seen people do both. I leave mine powered all the time.
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Thanks my friend. Seems like a new FTP test is in the store for me. I am opting to keep it powered all the time. :+1:

How does the resistance setting work? What’s the difference between reducing it to zero and cranking it all the way up to 10?

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Resistance is essentially a 0-100% scale:

  • 0% = no resistance
  • 50% = half the max resistance (of the trainer capability)
  • 100% = max resistance (of the trainer capability)

In reality, that is also impacted by your gearing, but essentially easy to understand like that. Here is a doc with more details.

Standard is a 0-9, and covered in the doc. Quite a few people really like the Standard option at 2 or 3, because the power curve is very “road like”.

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Thanks this article is super helpful. :+1: :+1: :+1:

I guess I will just keep playing with these different and see what works.

What’s your preferred setting?

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I tend to use ERG the most. I play with Resistance for some intervals and just to do something different some of the time. I want to try Standard, but I am connected via ANT+ most of the time. I need to try BLE via my old Samsung phone sometime so I can test Standard. Based on other comments, I think it is a great option.

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This might be out of date, but it gives you a good idea for standard/level mode.

Resistance mode curves would be more like straight lines with the slope determined by the 0-100 setting.


Still linked in the Wahoo support site, so likely close at least.

Thanks this is interesting. Seems like level 1-2 are more appropriate for me. I will def try different settings.