Kickr Axis Smart Trainer (Dec 2020) - need to CALIBRATE?

I’m new to trainers and today was my first workout on my new kickr. It’s my understanding that no calibration is needed or even possible. Yet it was extremely difficult to pedal even using the front small ring w the rear big ring. It improved some when I shifted down the rear cassette a ring or 2 and then shifted back up. But the whole ride was as if the Kickr thought I was using the front big ring but in reality I never had enough leg power to use it. (my FTP is only c.185 but I was dying w very easy gearing).

I was also using my edge 830 w Assioma pedal power meters. They had my typical power at 150 watts vs on Zwift/Kickr I was seeing 135 watts. My legs were feeling 200 watts!

So it was over-strenuous pedaling and Zwift seemed to be under-rating the power.

More difficulties w my first trainer workout experience - did not see Grade nor Cadence nor PowerBalance on-screen.

I sure miss the open road!

If you are using ERG mode, this is a great video to watch.

thanks for the heads up on ERG mode. I did start w that feature ON but I switched it OFF after a few minutes and yes peddling became easier (closer to open rode pedaling) but still unrealistically difficult - my remarks made here earlier are in reference to NOT being in ERG mode.

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OK, so in Resistance mode, you have the option to set it to anything from 0% up to 100%. Think of that as a percentage of the max trainer resistance. So, for most people, a Res setting from 10-30% is likely good. Depending on your FTP you may want to be on the lower end of that range.

If you are also on Bluetooth communication, you can consider the Standard (aka Level) mode. a setting of 2 or 3 seems preferred by those I have seen use it.

my personal opinion:

  • good option: use TR’s PowerMatch so that power is measured with Assiomas
  • better option: as above, but turn off Erg and use Standard/Level mode (requires TR connecting to Kickr via Bluetooth)