Kickr Core vs. Elite Suito vs. Tacx Flux

Good morning everyone,
I’ve been using a Kinetic wheel on trainer since 2018, and I’m ready to jump on the smart trainer wagon. I’m not going to be using it super extensively (1-2 a week), and I’d like to keep the expense moderate. In the title the three models that I’m focusing on.
Things that you may find useful for your recommendation:

  • I will be using TrainerRoad only, no Zwift (I have a cardiopathy, so I have to keep the intensity down: for me it’s mostly sweetspot and threshold, but no VO2 max kind of work).
  • I already have a powermeter (Assioma Duo)
  • I have quite a bit of Amazon credit that I could use. Ideally that’s where I’d like to buy.
  • I’m still on the 10 speed wagon and will need to buy a new cassette and the tools to install it on the trainer.

Thoughts? Recommendations?

Just to throw in a curve ball, the JetBlack Volt is now discounted on Amazon ($499 USD) since Zwift announced their new Hub trainer, that is based upon the JB Volt trainer. So the actual Volt is super cheap at the moment and undercuts your other options a fair bit.

More info here:

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A nice curveball though… interesting :slight_smile:

To more directly answer your question, personally… I’d take the Kickr Core from the 3 you listed. I have never liked the Flux for a range of reasons. The Suito seems better in many ways, but I also have not been impressed by what I see for support on things like power reporting and their typically poor ERG mode use.

The Core is essentially similar to the Wahoo Kickr’s prior to the V4 model, so it’s got lots of good attributes. The fact that is also is compatible with my favorite InsideRide E-Flex is also the reason I’d pick that one (and am even considering one to replace my V3 for this Fall).

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But since you added the volt to the mix, and what I’m reading online is very enticing… how about the Core vs. Jetblack Volt? I have to say I’m strongly tempted to go for the Jetblack. Dp you think they will they keep upgrading the firmware?

That is a tougher one for me. At the newly discounted price, the Volt sure seems like it’s worth a look. I have only loosely followed the DC Rainmaker review page, but suggest you check it out (along with GPLama and any other good reviews). There are often commenters that share experience after getting the trainer, and sometimes feedback on the good/bad of it all. The actual JB crew also replies there with info.

Outside of that, I have no expertise on JB since I have only really taken note of them since that release. Seems like a decent product, especially at that price. But a bit more of an unknown to me vs the Wahoo.

Frankly, based on what DC Rainmaker writes about it, I’m strongly tempted to get one. It’s significantly cheaper, and seems to be just as good as a Wahoo. JB support seems to be very responsive too, which I like.


I think for the price, its hard to argue with the jet black,
The Saris is (was) on sale for $3xx this past weekend. I know is an older model, but might be worth to consider.

My problem with the Saris is that I think they’re closing down, so I suppose there won’t be support in the coming future.

apparently they just announces a new trainer.

So maybe not?

  • They aren’t “closing”, at least not that I have seen. They are up for sale and were using an accelerated process available to them that is unique in Wisconsin. DCR has a good article on it if you want more details.

  • We lack any conclusion right now, but perhaps we will learn more in the near future… possibly even from the DCR debut we are expecting today.

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What’s that?

Still no official news, other than the short mention in the video clip linked at the OP of this topic:

FWIW I had a Suito for a while and was happy with it. I ended getting a good deal on a Direto XR and sold the Suito to a friend. I had no connection issues or dropouts. The only downside I’d say is the flywheel size, not as much momentum as some of the other units. It was noticeable racing Titans Grove on Zwift, you just have to stay on the pedals over the hills.

I checked it out. If there was no Volt option I’d go with Saris probably, but once I throw in a cassette I’m already at 435. The ability to use amazon credit is a plus as well.


yeah man… i think wait might be your best best at this point…
@dcrainmaker said the next few days will be interesting. So who knows.

Do you think I should wait on the Volt?

wait to see what’s on the hopper. I think there will be new trainers announced soon… so if you can wait a few weeks, I would wait.

Days yes, weeks… not really.

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I see…
In that case, I dont think you can go wrong with the Volt, specially if they include a cassette.