Zwift hub or Wahoo kickr core

Wanting to buy my first indoor trainer, looking at the Wahoo Kickr core and the zwift hub .
Both Very similar in design but not sure which is best long term .

Any advice would be appreciated.

I think technically the core is better as it has temperature compensation which should mean it’s a little more accurate. Saying that the Hub is close enough (particularly in erg at consistent flywheel temperatures) and has some cool features like ant+ bridging for HR.
If you are using it on Zwift as well the virtual shifting is very cool.
Realistically they are both good and very similar. You’d likely be happy with either.

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eddruit is pretty much bang on. I’ve used both and the Kickr edges it.

However, it’s not by much, and the seamlessness of the integration on the Hub maybe makes it a better bet. Moreover, when the Hub was launched, at least in the UK, there were some stunning deals around as well (especially when combined with a Zwift subscription). If they are still available, I’d argue that the Hub makes more sense.

Tbh, my view now would be either spend enough to go for a top end trainer, where the difference is material, or be economical and opt for the hub. Most of the trainers in that ‘in between’ area - at least those I’ve used - don’t offer enough of an improvement to justify the extra £200-300 IMO.

Ordered the Zwift Hub now , as mentioned the extra features of the hub makes more sense although probably come to the core at some point in the future.

Couple differences that may matter to some people.

Core has a lefer flywheel and better “road feel”, 3x Bluetooth connections.

Hub had heart rate monitor bridging, Virtual Shifting via Click or Play in Zwift, 10hz race mode.