Tacx Flux S or Wahoo Kickr Core?

Hey all,
So my old smartish trainer (Elite novo smart) finally gave up :frowning:
Got 4 years out of it, so it was a good investment.
I always said to my self my next trainer would be a wheel off one, and kind of kept coming back to the Tacx Flux S based on price.
Well, as it turns out, there is one site (checkfrank) selling a Wahoo Kickr Core for an extra 56e (So €599 for the Taxc vs €654 for the Wahoo).

In anyones experience. Would the Wahoo be worth the extra, given that it seems to be quite the deal on the unit?

Thanks in advance.

I have a Tacx Flux S and it’s great.

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Not going to help. Had a similar choice in January and got the wahoo and it is great. So like I said not really helping. But I think you will be satisfied with either one. So don’t stress to much.

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I’ve had a Flux S for 3 1/2 years - actually one for 1 1/2 years, and another one for 2 years. First one got wonky and was replaced under warranty.

Works well - first unit clearly had some drive belt issues, then the electronics started to go. Replacement unit works well, is quiet, and responsive.


  • high “floor”, i.e. minimum power, requiring shifting during recovery segments to go all the way down;
  • once in a while, gets lost in erg mode (with power match), either right from the start (will simply stay at min load, or hang below the target power, or hesitate and oscillate below the target), or after stopping in the middle of a workout (will take like 2 minutes to realize where it should be). In either case, cycling the power (electrical, that is) off and back on, which involves unplugging and plugging back on since there’s no peer switch, fixes it. This happens perhaps once a month, and is probably amplified by the fact that the unit remains powered on all the time.

Thanks for that, solid info.
My old one was bit hit and miss, but not on a monthly basis.

Cheers, I am perhaps over thinking things a bit.
Only reason I am considering the Wahoo is because of that special price. Other wise it would have been bought by now :smiley: