Best trainer options

Quick summary.

Had a Saris M2 wheel on trainer, really liked it, failed after 2 years trouble free usage. I bought it on sale at half price, only got a refund not the replacement I’d hoped for.

During warranty claim for the above I won a KICKR Core but I just couldn’t get in with it so sold it.

Typically my trusty Jet Fluid pro has now failed :man_shrugging: so I’m back in the market for a new trainer.

Stock is obviously an issue (UK), but so is choice. I have been looking at the Elite Suito but opinions seem mixed, but this is available new for £650 (comes with cassette). I’d really like direct drive because although the functionality of the Core wasn’t to my taste it felt rock solid.

At a loss of what to try and source. Help! Opinions!


Not checked availability, Tacx Neo, see if any around. I have had one for 3 years now and it has been great.

A little out my price range sadly. Looking around the £650 mark.


Just checked UK e-bay and there are one or 2 in that price range

What didn’t you like about the Kickr Core? I think figuring that out might help inform your best path forward at your desired price point

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At ProbikeKit

Just read the cycling weekly review , not bad

I had one, the power was 10-15% out on my existing PM, had it replaced, slightly better but not what I’d hoped for. I accepted that comparing a single sided PM is not without issues.

But, the biggest factor was I never felt the KC knew what it was doing. I’d be doing a workout, attempt a sprint and it’d bang on so much resistance my knees nearly exploded. Other times I had issues with cadence levels. I just wanted it to work!! But I was at odds with it, I was super disappointed because I’d wanted one for ages.

UK here. I was very happy with my Suito, until after about 4 months it started making an absolutely terrible noise. Currently waiting on a warranty replacement but have been advised that may be ‘some time’.

Have picked up a previous generation Direto in the interim, and it seems fine (though only 2 rides in). The power doesn’t adjust quite as quickly as the newer gen Suito, and the erg mode oscillates at a slightly greater amplitude, but the road feel is arguably slightly better.

I will sell one of them when the replacement arrives, probably the Direto as my other half doesn’t like the perceived slowness of adjustment when using Zwift.

Edit: my experience with the Kickr is limited, but I don’t think there’s a very substantial difference in feel between any of of the direct drive trainers from the major players at similar price points. If you really didn’t like the Kickr, maybe see if you can try before you buy?

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