Kickr Core spin down not showing speed

I’ve been using Trainer Road with My Wahoo Kickr Core for the past 18 months or so without an issue. I do spin downs and calibrations in TR every few workouts, and they always work as anticipated.
Today, however, when I did a spin down, the display never showed a speed. It’s hard to know if I’ve spun it up to 21.7 mph when the software doesn’t show a speed.
I did connect with the Wahoo software, and it shows a speed, so I know the trainer is sending a value for speed.
FWIW, my TR workouts typically average between 25-28 mph in the gear I usually use. The last few workouts have averaged 16-18 mph. While I recognize that trainer miles and speed aren’t the same as road miles and speed, it did seem odd that they would suddenly drop 10 mph.
Power still feels accurate, and I’m using the same cadence and gears I normally would.


I had the same issue about 3 days ago on a Core when calibrating before a ramp test. I uninstalled TR app and reinstalled and everything worked fine. I haven’t raised a support ticket so not sure what was going on.

When I tried calibrating my Core in the TR app after the most recent Kickr Core software update, I kept losing speed attempting to get it up to 24 mph for calibration. Then I realized during calibration the TR app was in ERG mode and didn’t switch to RESISTANCE. This was likely because I was already 10 minutes into a workout when I was trying to calibrate the Core. This appears to be a new bug either from the Wahoo software update or in the TR app. In any case, I manually switched it to RESISTANCE and was able to calibrate the Core.

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FWIW, I always do spin downs using the Wahoo app.

I had an issue a while ago where the Kickr was showing an incorrect temperature (something like -200F) and never completing the spin down. Wahoo Support had me do a Factory Spin Down and that fixed the issue.