Kickr Core firmware update - connectivity drop behavior change?

I’m pretty bad about updating firmware on my Kickr Core - last update was well over six months ago. Yesterday I had a bit of free time and was updating my Bolt and thought, hey lets update my Core too since its sitting right there. Put it on the latest firmware, no issues

Now - I’m a longtime desktop app user with ant+ and I’ve long seen intermittent connectivity problems to the Kickr Core (less so with my HRM or power meter) - but what typically happens is the Kickr would stay at the set power level until it regained connectivity

However, on my ride this morning what I was seeing was the Kickr Core drop connectivity and then the power dropping like a stone for a second or two until it reconnected and brought me back up

You can see four such drops in this screenshot - two are during the interval where the power drop is more pronounced and thus more visible and two are during the recovery valley

So - very specific question. Is anyone else using the desktop app, ant+, and a kickr core in a noisy wireless environment seeing this behavior?

Worth noting that mid-workout I tried pairing up everything via blue tooth and still saw power drops such at this (paired with bluetooth)

I’d prefer not to pair the Powertap P1 pedals I use via bluetooth due to them not reporting power as accurately - and so did not try pairing those with bluetooth - although I realize that those could equally be the problem as a drop from the Kickr

Was this a one-off for me based on some change in my interference level or is it the way the Kickr firmware has been functioning for a while and I was just avoiding it by having been out of date?

Realize I may need to go to support to look at the drop-out frequency, and that will be my next step - but curious if anyone else is seeing/has seen the same behavior?

It think I have the same problem as you after a recent firmware update, although I use ERG mode. It happened to me in both ANT+ and Bluetooth.

So what I will experience is that at some point in the workout, I would feel the tension in my legs break and my heart rate will continue to drop even though TR still shows the same power output.

I tried re-pairing in the middle of the ride and calibrating but that doesn’t really seem to help.
Changing modes with the M button seemed to work at one time, but that didn’t work yesterday.

Yesterday’s trick to get it back up to normal level was switching to a smaller ring up front and switching back to the big ring.

I am not sure if you noticed or it if it’s a coincidence, but it usually happens in the middle of a workout around 40 - 45 minutes (total workout being 60 or 90 minutes) and I believe almost always when a new text message comes on the screen where you can hear a ‘text alert sound’

I have not updated the firmware on my Kickr Core, but did notice some oddness after the last Trainerroad desktop app update. In erg mode, the power wouldn’t adjust at the start of an interval. Normally, you feel the ramp-up a second or so before the interval starts. This time, it was all over the place and once or twice the trainer completely didn’t respond to some short intervals. I tried both bluetooth and ant+. After a calibration it seemed better. I thought it might have just been the workout itself (Clark -2), as I noticed the text was kind of screwy as well - saying “one more minute” as the interval finished, etc.

I didn’t notice the text message piece as I’m not a big one for reading those during these types of intervals but it did start happening around the 45 minute mark and continued to the end of the workout (albeit intermittently)

I also am using ERG (with power match)

For me it came back to the normal level on its own after a few seconds, and honestly the 2-3 second break in the middle of a 105% interval felt pretty nice, but I didn’t have to do anything other than keep pedaling to get the power back

Ah sorry didn’t realize.

Mine takes longer to go back to normal, so I manually try to fix/restart it as to keep the workout on track.
TR made me stronger, but not so strong that I can ride 293 watt at 145 HR.

I recently had the same issue where my KICKR Core was in ERG mode and riding was fine but when I started a new interval that was supposed to be a target of 240 W the power level got stuck at 216 W. I ended up deconnecting from the KICKR in TR then reconnecting, doing a quick spindown, and then was able to get going again and finished the remaining ~30 minutes with no issues. This was using BLE connection.

Just did Carson, and it happened again:

Somewhere between 37:25 and 38:00 I felt the tension break again, and it was again at the moment a ‘text alert sound’ played. this time around I couldn’t get it back on track.

I tried finding a resistance mode setting that would give me the same tension in the legs and HR as in ERG mode.

As you can tell from my the screenshot, I am not the best with resistance, need to read up on it a bit more.



What firmware do you have now? I just checked the Wahoo utility app and it seems they have a new one.
I am having problem on 1.0.11 and 1.0.12 is just released it seems

1.0.12 was what I installed yesterday