Frustration WIth Wahoo App. Wahoo app recognize my Kickr Snap as Kickr causing issues

I didn’t ride my trainer for a week and suddenly there is this connection issue :cry:
what happened:

  1. At first Wahoo fitness app wasn’t able to connect to Kickr Snap at all
  2. I cleared all the cache and data of the app then tried to pair from start
  3. Now the app tells me that I need to update firmware (already did 2 months ago when I bought it), and I tried like 20 times it kept failing to update.
  4. Now I realize the app is mistakenly think my Kickr Snap is Kickr. Default name is Kickr and the icons are Kickr instead of Kickr Snap as I remember how it was.
  5. I also do not see any spin down button anymore.
  6. Now I checked my app history, I saw there was update 2 days ago. I wonder if this issue is related to this update.

Can anyone tell me the screenshot of my kickr snap on the app looks alright? I think if app recognize the trainer as Snap it should look different from that.

Finally, I love the trainer, but there has been too much frustration. Buggy software :cry:

This seems like a nice case for wahoo support :wink:


Wahoo support have only email channel now. It takes them a few days to reply each email. And first email they reply is always “hey did u check our online manual”. I guess i will have to be patient.

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One thing to try is restart your phone and then close all other apps before opening the Wahoo app. I don’t know about Android, but on iOS only one app can talk to a Bluetooth device at a time. Once an app connects to the trainer, I have to quit it so any other app can connect

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Going to repurpose this topic. I started the Wahoo app only to find a major update. First, I have to figure out how to log in again because it’s been years?

Second, my trainer doesn’t appear in the app and no amount of clicking “add sensor” sees my Kickr.

Is there some trick to this?

edit: figured it out. Had to force quit the app and then it recognized the trainer.


If you’re using TrainerRoad to drive the Snap, do you even need the Wahoo app? I never use it for anything, not even spin downs. You can do them within the TR app.

Also, when interacting with Wahoo help, I always check out the online help resources first, and then I tell them I used the online help and did x, y, z. That seems to improve my interaction with them.

At the very least, you would still need to use the Wahoo app for any firmware updates that might happen with your respective device.