Kickr Bike Tilt in Erg with TR

Anyone using a Kickr Bike with TR? Have you done a VO2 type workout and forgotten to lock the tilt? Did you almost get thrown off the back of the bike when the power jumped because somehow the bike is getting a “tilt” command? No? Just me? You should try it…forget about the beeps…that quick tilt is all you need to know it’s time to hold on for dear life!

LOL, I expect the pivot location on the Kickr Bike leads to a more progressive (aggressive) feel compared to the front Climb unit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I kind of applaud them adding function to work with pitch control, but I think the implementation just makes no sense. I always lock my Climb and just use manual to follow an angle that corresponds with my intended training and each interval. Sometimes I just alter pitch for a body position change too.

I don’t know if there is a practical pitch control offering for ERG use with a power profile as your only guide.

My understanding is that the Kickrbike has to be given a tilt command to tilt…and my understanding is that TR doesn’t send that. (Yes, there are manual buttons, but I’m not talking about those in this case.) If both of those things are true, something is wrong. I’ve called Wahoo and they don’t know what’s going on so I figured I’d try here to see if anyone was experiencing the same thing.

In Zwift, the bike is awesome. In TR the bike is awesome when the tilt is locked, but if you forget to lock it…well…ride 'em cowboy!

I guess I just hate being stuck in the “it’s the software” no “it’s the hardware” spiral of death.

  • But it does have that option:

I even made my own list with corresponding zone info for more clarity.


Thank you!! This explains so much!! I didn’t have this happen when I was using a PC for TR…because it doesn’t work with Ant+. When I was on the iPad all of a sudden…up and down!

So yeah, I agree…the up and down is dumb but at least I know it’s supposed to do it now and it’s not just a bug somewhere!

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On a side note it’s also fun when you realize the “fit profile” you were using had the wrong crank length so the workout was easier than it should be. Sigh…today just wasn’t my day!

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Bummer :frowning:

My usual statement… “Technology is great when it works as intended… and a B! when it heads off the rails”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Today…there weren’t even rails…

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:rofl: Oh, man… those days are no fun.

Sorry for your troubles, and wishing for better luck tomorrow. :smiley:

CHAD THE G.O.A.T. :fire:

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Hey @IvyAudrain…maybe you could ask the web guys/gals to update that link @mcneese.chad posted. I did try to search about this issue first. I kept trying to search versions of “TrainerRoad”, “KickrBike”,
and “Tilt”…since KickrBike nor tilt show, I got nuttin’.

Just a though. :slight_smile:


Good idea, but keep in mind the official name for the product is “Kickr Bike” or “Kickr smart bike” according to their own product page (key being separate words and not a single blended one).

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Nate has got me living in the world of Instagram where it’s #kickrbike. :smile: