Wahoo Kickr Smart Bike in Erg Mode

I am considering moving from my current Neo (original) trainer to the Kickr smart bike now that it’s actually available in the UK, and have a couple of questions on how well it handles TR workouts in erg mode.

I know that in DCRainmakers December review he noted some issues with the Wahoo over/under shooting at the start/end of intervals - which will be more of an issue with short VO2 max interval workouts. He also mentioned that he expected Wahoo would fix this in time - does anyone know if that has been done or is it still an issue?

On a related note - how does the Wahoo bike respond to sudden changes in cadence at constant power in erg mode - say when “spinning up” for a brief time without any intended change to power? For instance the Neo will correct the resistance to account for the cadence change within a few seconds.


I found this while searching for a question on my bike yesterday and noticed no one had responded before. It’s probably too late to be useful to you anymore, but I’ll answer your questions anyway, just in case it is still helpful at all.

I don’t have much experience with other trainers to compare but I can give you my experience after using it with TR for a couple of ramp tests.

You ask around Wahoo fixing known issues. I got the bike very early on (January) and there has been a single firmware update I have noticed since then. Perhaps this may have helped.

I am not sure what DCRainmaker was referring to as far as Wahoo over/under shooting but it seems to me like it adjusts within 2-3 seconds of cadence changes in ERG mode to keep the power consistent. This completely killed me on my first ramp test when I slowed down my cadence for a second while grabbing for some water.

HTH. If any other questions let me know and I’ll try my best to answer.

This will help:

ERG Mode Explained