New Kickr: TR controls Trainer in ERG, but doesnt Read for Spindown

I have a new trainer - Kickr. I have used it twice. 1st time was fine. Second time, I couldnt do a spindown. It would read all Zero’s, yet had a bluetooth signal. For the workout, it did control the trainer. I dont know if the watts were correct.

In workout mode (ERG) everything seemed fine - Power, resistance and cadence
In Spindown - all 0’s even for speed
In Device view - all 0’s even for speed

I am bluetoothed to an Android phone

Sorry for the trouble, best protocol for stuff like this is to email, the source of those issues can sometimes be related to app version, device you’re running TR on, firmware, connectivity, etc! The team is great at isolating and identifying what’s up, they’ll be happy to help. :v:

Also make sure you can do a spin down in the Wahoo app just to eliminate the trainer as a possible source of the problem.

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