KICKR Bike unexpectedly tilted in ERG mode when switching between intervals. Now tilt / level is completely wrong

I was doing a scheduled workout today in TrainerRoad with my KICKR Bike. When the interval changed from Sweet Spot to Rest, the KICKR Bike SHOT up with about 15% incline, even though the Tilt Lock was on. I had this happen previously and Wahoo thought it was a faulty KICKR Bike so they sent me a new one. Now that it’s happened again I think the problem might be with the TrainerRoad app. I’m running it on macOS. The bike is basically broken now because both the bike display and the Wahoo Fitness app see the tilt at 0% when it is actually at 10%

Has anyone else experienced this?

You could recalibrate the Climbr to set zero at will. Does the Kickr bike not do this?

Not that I’ve been able to find. On KICKR Bike you can re-level it by double-tapping on the tilt lock button. When I do that, the bike goes to around 10% tilt.

Support will have the best recommendation and assistance based upon your devices, ride logs, any firmware updates needed, etc.

From the ‘Welcome to the TrainerRoad Forum’ Page:
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Will do, thanks!


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