Key Largo to Key West Info

Going to Florida in a couple weeks for GFNY Florida, then was planning on riding from Key Largo to Key West. Wife was gonna drop me off along the road and head to the keys in the rental car. I am looking for advice, tips or anything else to help. I understand there is an overseas heritage trail but its difficult to understand if it actually complete or just partially done. Thanks in advance.

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I haven’t been there in many years, but when I did, it was very high traffic on the main road (US1) between the islands. Be prepared for that.

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There is a bike lane the whole way. You get it in and pedal. It’s impossible to get lost. Marathon is about half way. You stop there for lunch. It can be a windy ride and you’re in a bike lane so have to pay attention to staying there, but really, it’s just pedaling non stop for 5 to 6 hours.


Oh…and there is a trail, but really, just use the bike lane. The trial can wind around, could have sand on it, could not be totally smooth. Bike land. Pedal. Fat Tuesday’s at the end.

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Beware of road debris. A guy that attempted it a couple of years ago flatted on two separate attempts.

Check out Seth’s bike hacks on YouTube he did a ride down through there years ago. I think he even camped out one night cuz he started farther up

It’s really bad for debris. 2 flats is doing well.

Yeah, he started from Ft. Lauderdale. He had a LONG way to go just to get to the uppermost key.

This is true, but also really weather dependent. If it’s been dry for a while, the roads will get blown clean. If it’s been raining, there’s gonna be stuff to watch for. The worst is light rain. That just seems to float crap to the bike lane where it stops!

Most of the “event” rides happen over the winter partly because its cooler but mostly because it’s drier. Dry = less wind and less road debris.

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Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it. I figured it would be a busy traffic ride, good thing I am not affraid of traffic…LOL

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