Fort Worth riding recommendations

I’m going to be in Fort Worth at the end of May. Renting a Trek FX 1 hybrid from Bike Mart because they took over Mellow Johnnys at the Trailhead.

Looking for any ride tips or group rides, my schedule is somewhat inflexible and by default I’ll be riding the Trinity trail down to Benbrook and the other direction to east Fort Worth.

I don’t know if you’ve looked at (RWGPS), but I’ve used them to locate rides when I’m in new places. I’ve also reached out (via RWGPS instant message feature) to people who’ve uploaded rides to get their opinions.

Don’t know if you tried that, but it’s an option I’ve found helpful in the past.

In fact, someone from the UK reached out to me in a similar fashion and we ended up doing a ride tougher. Worked out to be a nice way to make new friends.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at that and Strava heat maps.

I have family west of Fort Worth so when I stay with them, I tend to stay out there and don’t venture much into the city. Solid routes around Aledo, Annetta, and Weatherford. A lot of old country roads that can be a bit rough, but you won’t have to deal with much traffic. I’ve never had any issues with the local drivers either…

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Trinity Trails mate


Done ‘em a bunch, likely where I’ll be riding again!

Used to live there… Best advice is this…
Go south on trinity trails and hit up the benbrook lake/ holiday park thing. You might have to pay $5 to the army Corp of engineers but it’s a really nice lakeside road. From downtown FTW a out n back is just about 50 miles.
Going west from Mellow Johnnies there’s some nice routes that use the roads next to I 20 out to aledo and Hudson oaks.

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Jan 2020 I paid $5 and the hills were worth it!

Anyone rent from Bike Mart at Trailhead? Sad that Mellow Johnnys at the Trailhead is gone. But they still have me in the computer from MJ rentals. Forgot my shoes, doh!

“Honey, I HAD to buy new shoes!”

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