USA Cycling Amateur Road Nats - 2020 Edition


Link here:

RR 1:
RR 2:

Maybe in, Maybe not, TBD…awaiting more detail, but S. Florida in June seems…misguided on USAC’s side, but we’ll see.


Jacksonville really isn’t south Florida… but it is still Florida. Although June is a lot better than August.

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Based on the USACommunique podcast, sounds like they had a heck of a time with things for this year. First location fell through and had to start over.

Florida? Sigh…

Elevation profiles look exciting!

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That TT course looks fantastic for me, fairly flat, no real bergs. And long enough. The crit course couldn’t be any flatter…

Whats the elevation in Florida?

Little disappointed in this decision to have it in Florida. Was hoping it would either still be in Hagerstown or somewhere else a little hillier this year. Plus Florida in June sounds miserable


Sea level basically. Flattest state in the country.


it’ll be interesting for sure…georgia and kentucky were both scorchers…very hard to do well if you don’t live and train in it

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Are these routes confirmed? How did you find them? Thanks.

Same place you can find the link to routes for masters nats.

Thanks !!!


Good luck, everybuddy.

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