Bike Hire in Orlando

Hi, I have a week working in Orlando at the end of February, I am based in the UK and flying with my bike is a pain and I don’t want a damaged bike so, if anyone has any recommendations on where I can hire a road / gravel bike for a day or two I would be really grateful.

Check out Kyles bike shop

Thank you, I really appreciate the recommendation, I did a google search but I much prefer a personal experience.

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I’d guess you know this, but we call it “rental” rather than “hire”. Might help with your search and subsequent communication. :blush:


Thanks for the reminder - two countries separated by a common language !


If you want more personal, maybe Bryce can help you out.


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Yeah! Also “chips” are potato chips not French fries, “crisps” isn’t really a thing and you can go for a swim in a lake not a loch. That should be enough to get you through your trip. Also, please bring me some Irn Bru.

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Just throwing this out there….
I don’t know where you plan to ride but lake apopka west of Orlando is a great gravel loop. Also there is the world famous sugarloaf mountain, highest point in Florida. That’s also near Clermont which has some good road riding too.
Not sure what area you are staying at but if it’s the Disney are, they do have bike lanes on most of the roads.
If you do use Kyle’s bike shop, I know they can guide you where to ride.

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Thanks for the suggestions, it is a work trip - usual kick off type thing, we are staying in a Hilton near Disney. I am not sure how much free time I will get and I might be too optimistic but, hope to get a least 1 ride done to keep my sanity !

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If you are staying at Hilton Signia @ Bonnet Creek, I used to work at the Italian restaurant there “La Luce”. Great food, all from scratch and the pizza is amazing!
Sanity rides are definitely a good thing and hope you get a chance to ride!

I brought my bike to Orlando last year…. Unless you’re training for something and need to ride, I’d just not ride. If you’re by Disney, you at least need to cart the bike a few miles away from Disney as all the roads are 45mph/no-shoulder roads.

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Trek Clermont. Independent Trek dealer with excellent customer service and a good rental fleet.

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Thanks for that, I guess like any TR users, a week off the bike is in my plan but, I don’t really want a week off the bike if I can do something ! I remember Nate talking on the podcast about taking Garmin pedals and using gym bikes, maybe that is my best option.

If you don’t have access to a car. It’d be a good cross training week for sure. If you can toss the bike in the car for some time, you can find something worth doing. If you just want to do a workout, you can pedal around a parking lot safely.
I’d just caution you that even if you want to risk it on some of the roads near the resort, you’re going to be riding with people who are not used to driving in that locale with a lot of distractions, following directions on the nav - it is just a setup for getting faaa fumpped. The traffic can only be compared to the traffic surrounding the airport entrance road near the rental car drop off.

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Thanks I have been that tourist driver - great reminder of that perspective