Bike Routes in Destin FL - Should I take my bike?

For a trip to the Destin FL area, are there decent places to ride a road/gravel bike? Or, should I leave the bike at home? Do not like the idea of losing training time. I want to ride!


Scenic 98

These are a couple of my go to’s


I enjoy riding in that area along the coast and there are generally plenty of bike path’s around as you get near the coast from Pensacola to Destin to Panama City. Not sure exactly where you’ll be or how much you’re willing to move around but here are three I like down near the water. There is definitely some gravel riding to be had especially north of I-10 between there and the Alabama state line. I don’t know the area above Destin all that well but the Blackwater Forest has some places to go west of Destin.

Timpoochee Trail
Ft Pickens (Pensacola Beach) to Navarre
Blackwater Trail in Milton

If you’re going soon one big variable in that area this time of year is the weather. I road near Pensacola around Christmas and it was perfect, but February is sometimes the coldest month there, you never know.

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There is some great road riding along the coast if you go west to Perdido Key. VERY WINDY though.

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JOM of Gravel Cyclist lives fairly close to there. I bet he could give you a few suggestions on gravel rides in that area.

Robin’s Bikes used to (or they may still) do a group ride from the shop. Definitely call/email them for more info and to see if they still do it.

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Obligatory FL cyclists consider wind their hills post! But seriously that tail wind will send you!!!

You are right, you can really move with the tail wind… but when you have to turn around :sweat_smile:

We were down in September. Robins bike shop still running group rides Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday

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