Ketchup for fuel?

Heinz wants you think it’s a good idea.
(gift article.)

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How long did I sleep? Is it April 1st already?



Probably speaks volumes about the amount of sugar in the stuff.


A ketchup packet has just two grams of carbs,


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I was WAY ahead of them on this. Back in maybe 02 or 03 when I was still in college I premade “condiment sandwiches” for long rides on 2 occasions (white wonder bread, mustard, and ketchup) - did not do exact measurements but between the bread and ketchup I’d call it maybe 120 cal/sandwich. I did it twice only - first time because I thought it seemed like a cheap and good idea. Second time because I was convinced it was something else besides my culinary delight that had caused me trouble - I was wrong. Not sure if it’s the tomato base, or what, but my stomach and throat hated it. At that time (and even now) I could eat almost anything on a ride without GI issues

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I did once consume packets that I got for free from a fast food place while out on a 100+ mile ride with no money and only one gel left and miles of climbing to go.

But no.


I’m waiting for the glizzy ( hot dog) flavored gels by Heinz lmfao :rofl:

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Tomatoes especially in such a concentrated form give me serious acid reflux, that combined with the acidity of the ketchup itself does not work for me

These still give me nightmares…


1350mg of Sodium per 30g of carbs in an acidic tomato base. What could possibly go wrong?


There an nhl hockey player who famously eats yellow mustard packets on the bench between shifts….