Keiser M3i with m series converter

Has anyone had any experience using the m series converter on a Keiser M3i training bike. My wife bought me this spin bike a couple Christmas ago and at the time it was not able to connect to TR or Strava but this last year the have came out with a converter to communicate with all popular training apps. Just wondering if anyone has used this converter and how it works with TrainerRoad. I have recently started using TrainerRoad and am using the faverro power pedals.

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If you are going to use the faverro’s… you don’t need anything smart to connect it to TR, you can just pair the pedals and you can hit your power targets in TR.

If you are looking for something like ERG or change the resistance from TR… not sure, I can’t find which standards the converter follows… But I would expect too much from it

As far as I can see, the M3i is not a controllable trainer - the converter only allows you to send data from it (I assume cadence/speed and some power estimation) to other devices via Bluetooth. This is a one-way communication. I’m not certain how TR works with a trainer it cannot control but that reports power; in theory it would work the same as if you are in resistance mode on a smart trainer. But since you have Assiomas, there is nothing the trainer reports that cannot be obtained (with more precision, dare I say) from the pedals.

I’ve seen people talk about the converter in peloton forums and they say good things. But it’s pretty pricey for what it is (its $200 iirc and all it does is relay power/speed/cadence over BLE).

If you are already using the assiomas I wouldn’t buy it. Afaik the Keiser m3i doesn’t use a strain gauge to measure power, instead they calculate it from your current resistance+cadence, so it’s going to be less accurate. They claim the power is +/- 1% but we have several Kesier m3is at my gym and they all read differently even though they are all supposedly calibrated (I’ve brought my vector 3 pedals to the gym to test).

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