Is there a workaround to get data from Keiser m3 bikes into TrainerRoad

I only have access to Keiser M3 bikes indoors. Since TrainerRoad doesn’t sync directly, is there any workarounds? I’d like to see all the ride data, not just the summary at the end of the ride, which is all the Keiser bikes can do at my gym.
If not currently, is there any possibility of this being added as I think a lot more people might be keen to try the software if they didn’t need a trainer of their own. Otherwise, I might just save the workouts, cancel my plan and do them without the app. Thanks!

Buy a pedal based power meter and put it on the spin bike.

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Hi Kris!

Unfortunately, the Keiser M3 doesn’t broadcast data that we can pick up via ANT+ or Bluetooth in the TrainerRoad app. If you have access to the M3i (, it looks like that bike has a “Bluetooth® wireless signal for open API for tablets and smartphones” that you might be able to pair to TrainerRoad and do workouts with, though I don’t have personal experience with these spin bikes and using them with our app.

We currently support a few different brands of spin bikes, but are limited to what the device compatibility of the spin bike is - if the Keiser doesn’t output power data, we can’t use it for workouts since we don’t know how hard you’re working. Like @Bplgocards mentioned, you could find a cheap pedal-based power meter and train that way.

Lastly, and I don’t mean this to scare you or be intimidating, but doing this as you mentioned would be a violation of our Terms and Conditions since we can’t allow users to copy, duplicate, or reproduce our workouts as I’m sure you can understand. They’re the result of all our hard work and the secret sauce that makes our users faster! You can learn more about this here: Terms and Conditions - TrainerRoad

Please let me know if you have any more questions!

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I started using the M3i in my gym for TrainerRoad today. You need a dongle (converter) that you can buy on Keiser’s web site. It is very pricey at $200 but you should try asking customer service to discount it for you … worked for me.

I was able to get a power and cadence data live stream from the Keiser head unit that way, but not heart rate. That’s my day 1 experience … I will see if there is a way to get that data.

Good luck.

We had a version of the Keiser bike that had its own app that could sync with strava. If you knew what power you needed to so for the workout it could sync that way.