Own or use keiser m3i spin bike for TR?

Anyone do TR workouts on a keiser m3i?

Did you pony up $200 for the power converter?

I’ll occasionally use the keiser bikes at my gym, I’ve slapped my vector pedals on them and the bikes are usually pretty well calibrated.

Anyways, I was thinking about making a garmin watch app that could connect to the m3is so that you could record the data streams like any other trainer (the existing keiser mobile app is terrible). Would others be interested in this?

I use an m3i at the gym quite a bit with my own assioma pedals. At low power through tempo mine tracks really well, for v02 max stuff the bike reads quite a bit lower than my assiomas.

Overall though, I’m pretty happy with the bike as a whole, and it helps my compliance a lot. I usually have a lot of family stuff going on, and if I don’t get on the bike at the gym I’m probably not going to do my workout.

edit: the garmin watch idea sounds cool, but I’m personally a creature of habit, so would still keep putting my pedals on, and being “that guy” in the gym, haha.

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I use a Keiser at home with TR and a dongle.

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Need some help if you don’t mind. I’m new to Trainerroad and for my indoor workouts, use the Keiser M3i. I signed up for TR to get away from Garmin Connect. I’ve read yours and other posts concerning the requirement to use the Keiser dongle, so I purchased one. So, here’s where I am; the dongle connects nicely to my Bluetooth on both my Iphone and my Ipad. It will not however, appear in the TR device section. On the device page in TR, Bluetooth is on. Any suggestions? I’ve also sent and Email to TR support, but since it appears our setups are identical, I thought I’d ask for help. Thanks in advance!

Ken Kimble

I make and sell alternative Keiser Bluetooth converters - ‘K2pi’ and I also sell another with ANT+ which will connect to Multisport Garmin watches and bike receivers.

Half the price of the original anywhere apart from US (the originals are £130 here in Uk)

Find me on Facebook - ‘K2pi’

Online store https://k2pi.company.site/